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Braze’s APIs allow Braze to be seamlessly integrated into any martech stack. This can be done with the help of a consulting partner, like Stitch, with our years of professional knowledge of all things Braze and martech.

Merging with Braze's APIs is Easy with Stitch

Braze’s customer engagement platform includes various APIs (Application Programming Interfaces), like REST, Canvas, Messaging, and Analytics, that enable your company to seamlessly integrate Braze into current and future tech stack, create multi-step campaigns through various channels, and keep real-time analytics of user engagement data. All this can be done with the support of a consulting partner, like Stitch, allowing you to create robust customer profiles and personalized experiences for your consumers.
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Braze Partner

Delivering personalized, relevant messages to customers is at the heart of successful marketing. That's where Braze comes in. Braze is a powerful customer engagement platform that enables you to deliver personalized messaging across various channels, such as email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messaging. Braze’s data-driven, cross-channel solutions allow you to build audiences and personalize customer journeys in one place. And Braze Partners add to what’s offered. 

Why Braze? Well, Braze is more than just a customer engagement platform. It's a comprehensive solution that allows marketers to manage their entire customer journey, from acquisition to retention. Braze is built on a foundation of real-time data and AI, allowing marketers to deliver truly personalized experiences that drive customer engagement and revenue growth.

Braze is designed for businesses of all sizes, and Braze partners provide access to a wide range of features and capabilities, such as segmentation, messaging automation, and real-time analytics, all designed to engage your customers.

Stitch is a key partner for Braze, offering all the data needed to drive engagement and strategy to optimize time-to-value.

Braze Alloys

Braze Alloys brings together partners who share Braze's commitment to driving customer engagement and growth. The Alloys program has two branches: solution partners and technology partners.

Braze has vetted every Braze Alloy partner, so you and all Braze customers can trust Braze because the experts do. In fact, the Forrester Wave report repeatedly placed Braze at the top across eight key marketing criteria, while Braze case studies back up their findings.1

Let’s take a look at those two types of Alloy partners:

Solution partners are consulting partners who offer a wide variety of services, including data architecture and campaign services. These partners work with businesses to understand their unique needs and develop customized solutions that help them get the most out of Braze.

Technology partners, on the other hand, have integration capabilities with Braze and offer a range of complementary solutions to enhance the Braze platform. These partners have built integrations with Braze's APIs, allowing businesses to easily connect Braze to their existing marketing stack and create a seamless customer experience across all channels.

The Braze Alloys program is designed to help Braze customers get the most out of the platform by connecting them with a network of trusted partners. With Braze Alloys, you can also access case studies and success stories from other Braze customers and find a partner who can help you implement Braze and all its solutions in a way that's best for your business.

Braze Integration

Braze has a robust set of APIs that allow seamless integration with other marketing tools and technologies you probably already use. Some of these are Braze Technology Partners, while Braze delivers others. Braze API integration is designed to take you from marketing to the end of the customer journey, all on one platform. And Braze CRM capabilities cover everything in between.

If you don’t already use Braze integrations, you should. Using Braze means tons of marketing tools and additional features that can be accessed in one place, saving time and allowing you to build efficient campaigns. Braze integration partners and APIs include:

REST API: Braze's REST API is a flexible, powerful tool that allows you to integrate Braze with your existing marketing stack. The REST API supports a wide range of features, including event tracking, message personalization, and user segmentation.

Canvas API: Canvas is one of Braze’s integration partners. Braze's Canvas API allows businesses to create complex, multi-step messaging campaigns with ease. You can even create personalized messages that are triggered by a variety of conditions, such as user behavior.

Messaging API: This API allows you to seamlessly send messages across multiple channels, including email, push notifications, and SMS. This API supports a range of messaging types, including transactional messages, promotional messages, and more. You can send specific messages on specific platforms and target messages to customer types based on behaviors. 

Analytics API: Braze's Analytics API provides real-time access to campaign performance metrics and user engagement data. This allows you, as a business, to track the success of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions to improve and focus your marketing efforts.

All of Braze's APIs are flexible and powerful, enabling businesses to create customized marketing solutions that meet unique needs. Despite overlapping necessities, every business is different. This means you have different API needs. 

With Braze's APIs, you can create personalized messaging campaigns for your business, track user behavior in real time, and use those user insights to plan future campaigns and messaging. 

This information will drive customer engagement across all channels, allowing you to create targeted content based on who your users are, what they need, and what they have already shown they respond to. API integrations make Braze even more powerful by expanding its capabilities and connecting marketers to a broader tech ecosystem.

Braze's integration partners include some of the most popular marketing tools and technologies out there. With these integrations, you can easily connect Braze to your existing marketing stack and create a seamless customer experience across all channels. There is also a seamless back-end experience for anyone who needs to dive deep into user data to improve the customer experience. 

Other APIs are offered by Braze’s own set of integrated solutions called Braze Currents. These include built-in integrations with popular marketing channels, such as email, SMS, push notifications, and in-app messaging. Braze Currents enables businesses to quickly and easily deploy targeted, personalized campaigns across all channels and also offers data insights and customer analytics.2

Braze Consulting

Braze partners offer a range of services that can help businesses at any stage of their marketing journey. For businesses just getting started (or getting started with Braze), consulting partners can help with implementation and integration, to ensure the platform is set up properly and seamlessly integrated with existing marketing systems. For organizations looking to take their marketing to the next level, consulting partners can provide strategic guidance and campaign services that help drive engagement and revenue growth.

Braze Consulting partners can also help businesses optimize their data architecture and make sure they're collecting the right data and using it effectively to drive personalized messaging and engagement. This includes everything from data mapping and migration to data governance and compliance. By leveraging the full power of Braze's data management capabilities, consulting partners can help businesses build robust customer profiles and deliver truly personalized experiences across all channels.

In addition to technical expertise, Braze Consulting partners bring a deep understanding of marketing best practices and up-to-date industry trends, including the growing need to add genuine value for all users in a very crowded digital market.3 Individuals can also earn Braze Certification to grow their skills in marketing, administration, and the use of Braze's native APIs.

This allows all Braze partners to provide strategic guidance on everything from campaign planning and execution to customer journey mapping and segmentation. By working closely with businesses to understand their unique needs and goals, consulting partners can help businesses stay ahead of the curve and achieve sustainable growth over time no matter what industry they're in. 

Braze Pricing

When comparing Braze to other marketing platforms, it's important to consider the value that Braze and its partners can bring to your business.

While Braze alternatives like CleverTap, Iterable, and MoEngage often have lower upfront costs, they may not provide the same level of comprehensive features, integrations, and consulting services that Braze offers. In the end, choosing Braze as your partner will help you achieve your marketing goals and drive business growth for years to come. CleverTap pricing, MoEngage pricing, and Iterable pricing reflect the services each of the businesses provides. Basically, you could well end up paying more over time if you opt for a cheaper option out the gate. 

If you’re thinking about Braze vs the alternatives, factor in the costs you would otherwise incur with consulting services. Signing up for multiple individual services offered by Braze API, and the customers you’ll gain through integration is key. Braze pricing isn’t the lowest out there, but the services are top-of-the-line. 

Additionally, while the upfront cost of Braze may seem higher compared to other marketing platforms, it's essential to remember that Braze and its partners can help you achieve a higher ROI for your business and make the cost back easily. 

Braze is a comprehensive solution that enables marketers to manage their entire customer journey, along with other integrated software, and deliver personalized messaging across multiple channels, providing immeasurable benefits for customer acquisition and retention in the long run.

Braze's IPO in 2021 is a testament to the platform's value and success and demonstrates the platform's stability and trustworthiness.4 Braze isn't the cheapest offering on the market, at least not upfront. But it is the best value. 

Braze offers unparalleled features and capabilities that make it a worthwhile investment. Additionally, flexible pricing options are designed to meet the unique needs of businesses of all sizes and budgets — including yours.