There's a lot that goes into taking a campaign from idea to activation. Multi-Thread weaves AI and automation into every step of the process to take campaigns to market faster.

Who is Multi-Thread for?

Multi-Thread is a framework that can be adapted by brands of all sizes across industries. Whether your team is new to AI or has adopted AI throughout your campaign process, Multi-Thread will give you a tactical roadmap to level up your use of AI and automation throughout your campaign operations to help you achieve your marketing goals faster.

Why Multi-Thread?

Deploy better campaigns in half the time
The process it takes to bring a campaign to life is extensive. From ideation and development to approval and activation, Multi-Thread will infuse AI and automation to accelerate the timeline — and then use campaign results to continuously optimize.
Prioritize experimentation and creativity
Nothing hurts creativity more than cumbersome processes. With Multi-Thread, you're able to bring campaigns to life faster — giving you and your team something to react to and iterate on, and gaining insights faster to make your campaigns even better.
Less process and more strategy
While Multi-Thread is a crawl-walk-run process, the end-goal is to remove as much of the manual work it takes to bring campaigns to life as possible. When your team is given space to get 'out of the weeds,' they can spend more time coming up with the next big idea to connect with your customers in new and meaningful ways.

Multi-Thread — Step-by-Step

Campaign Initiation

We’ll observe the process your team takes to initiate the campaign process — and identify opportunities to accelerate the time it takes from launch to activation.

Integrate your campaign request form into Braze to automate the development of campaign assets

Campaign Creation & Development

Building campaign assets is a huge time investment from your team.  Kick-start your creativity with AI and automate the development of assets to spend more time on strategy.

Incorporate generative AI for copywriting, content, subject line, design, translations, and asset development

Campaign Testing & QA

Ensuring your campaign is error-free is paramount to the campaign process. We’ll thoughtfully propose a process that leverages the best of both humans and AI to make this a more seamless experience.

Leverage AI to take the first round of edits and fine-tuning of campaign assets

Campaign Deployment

It’s time to bring your big idea to life! We’ll help make this process more efficient to ensure the best creative is being delivered at the most optimal times.

Use Braze Sage AI™ for channel and send time optimization

Campaign Optimization

Measure the success of your campaigns — new and evergreen — and leverage the insights to make it even better. We’ll help you leverage AI to make informed decisions on how to improve your campaign moving forward.

Offer AI-powered recommendations for campaign improvements and insights


Game On with AI and Automation

A large global media company averaged approximately 5 weeks to take new campaigns from idea to activation. It often took days, if not weeks, of back-and-forths across Slack, email, and their project management tool to determine a realistic campaign output based on prioritization and bandwidth. From there, the process was similar to ‘herding cats’ — getting data, creative, and development teams woven in and out of the campaign creation process to build out all of the assets and prepare for deployment. By the time the campaign made it to QA and legal, everyone was ready to move on — and the fun of marketing had been zapped out of the process.

Multi-Thread is transforming this experience for them, using a crawl-walk-run approach.

The first step in their Multi-Thread experience was uncovering ways to automate the process between campaign ideation and execution – using automation and AI to dramatically accelerate the time it takes from fine-tuning an idea to developing assets in Braze. Now, their marketing team can submit a simple campaign form in their project management tool, Airtable, capturing key details of the campaign, including audience, channels, and creative direction — for messages and creative to automatically be developed in Braze within a matter of minutes.

This gives the team something quick to react to and move forward with, eliminating the ‘blank canvas’ effect to get things going. The team is able to deploy campaigns in as little as a week and a half and spend more time optimizing the creative and create more space for experimentation in the process.

The next phase for them in the Multi-Thread experience is to fine-tune the reporting and optimization loop — using campaign performance data to continuously optimize existing and future campaigns using automation and AI.

Transform your campaign operations with Braze. Fill out our short pre-discovery questions, and a team member will follow up to discuss how we can tailor Multi-Thread to your team.