Why We're Focused on Helping Marketers Use Braze

Stitch was founded in 2022 with the mission of helping marketers leverage exceptional technology to drive exceptional customer engagement. 

In our decades of working with world-class marketers across industries to build and manage their tech stacks, we began to notice the multiple evolutions taking place within the marketing technology world and with the challenges modern marketers are facing. We knew we wanted to be a part of the solution.

So, we sought out to find new and better ways that we could be helping marketers. The first step? Identifying best-in-breed platforms that are built for the modern day marketer — marketers who sit at the intersection of creativity and technology, intelligently use customer data to power meaningful personalization, and who prioritize experience over channel. 

We also saw modern martech stacks becoming increasingly more modular and composable, and as a result, marketing talent diversifying their skill sets to evolve within their disciplines as marketing technologists, rather than focusing on a single platform. 

While all-in-one suite solutions had become commonplace for enterprise marketers, the promise of these platforms was starting to emerge as more of a fallacy. The reality is that these legacy marketing cloud bundles were costly, clunky solutions that were becoming laggard in their customer engagement capabilities — leading to more companies opting to unbundle their legacy martech.

In addition to these technologically-driven changes, marketers are being pushed to do more with less, improve personalization while keeping consumer privacy top of mind, and are expected to be able to quickly adopt new channels for customer engagement as they emerge. 

We knew the customer engagement platform of the future would be one that was built to easily ingest and activate customer data, integrate with other technologies, offers comprehensive messaging capabilities, and is built for the marketer (not for the developer). 

The clear winner? Braze.

After connecting with Braze leadership and the broader team, it became even clearer that we shared their vision and that Braze was the platform we wanted to invest our efforts into. What do we love about the Braze platform?

  • It’s truly scalable: We noticed many of our previous customers adding Braze to their martech stacks when they maxed out the capabilities of their legacy marketing clouds. Braze offers the capabilities of legacy marketing clouds and more with their diverse messaging and data capabilities. It’s a scalable platform marketers can grow into that’s well built and integrates well with other best-in-breed technology solutions. 
  • It’s actually usable by marketers: It’s also a platform purpose-built for marketers. Rather than requiring niche technical skills, Braze offers a marketer-friendly platform that gives marketers more day-to-day autonomy. Unlike legacy marketing clouds that are often built from acquired solutions and have clunky UX and architecture, Braze has scaled on its own with a focus on UX and clean architecture, making it one of the most usable martech platforms on the market. 
  • It’s an exceptionally-built platform: Braze is built by a team that genuinely cares about the quality and capabilities of their product more than we’ve experienced before. Braze’s platform is robust and advanced but user friendly — and offers extensive capabilities for customer engagement, positioning them well ahead of many of the other CEPs on the market. 
  • It’s a Category Leader: Braze is a leader in customer engagement and was recently recognized as a category leader in Cross-Channel Marketing Platforms in 2023. We want to help marketers maximize their investments in best-in-breed technology and have exclusively decided to work with Braze for customer engagement.

In terms of the trends pushing marketers towards modular and composable martech stacks, Braze sits at the center, integrating seamlessly with the other pillars of customer engagement or martech stacks. This also means that we will extend our expertise to be able to support our clients and their use of Braze to also include Braze’s key data integration partners, such as Twilio Segment, Snowflake, and Databricks. These are critical components of the composable martech stack — as data is the fuel that drives effective customer engagement.

But, as a marketing technology consultancy, Braze is the cornerstone of our business — as customer engagement is the cornerstone of any solid marketing strategy. Our focus is in offering deep expertise within Braze so that we can go both broad and deep for our clients, and help them make the most out of their investment in the platform.

We are passionate about helping our customers realize the most value from Braze and using the platform to power creative, effective customer engagement — and ultimately, excel in their roles as modern marketers.

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