Marketing solutions built with purpose using Braze

Solutions powered by Braze, built by Stitch
A better customer experience starts with data-driven interactions. Those interactions start with Braze.

Stitch helps marketers use Braze to its fullest potential — and get more from their martech.
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Why Braze?


Whether you're pulling in data from a CDP like Segment or using the data within the platform, Braze was built to power every interaction with data.

Omnichannel orchestration

Braze enables you to connect with your customers where they are — whether that's mobile, web, email, SMS, and beyond.


Braze empowers marketers to use every customer interaction as a learning experience to continually optimize their customer engagement strategy.


Braze offers vertical solutions across key industries, such as retail, media & entertainment, financial services, and travel & hospitality.

Why Stitch?

Stitch was founded by a group of experienced martech consultants. After decades of working with world-class marketers to help make the most out of their tech stacks, we noticed a trend: marketers were becoming inundated by clunky and costly tech stacks. We sought out to find a better solution — one that offers marketers flexibility, scalability, and delivered on its promise to drive value quickly. Enter: Braze.

Braze is a powerful platform, purpose-built for better customer engagement. Stitch helps marketers make the most out of Braze, from strategy to implementation and beyond. We partner with Braze to build innovative solutions that help you create meaningful experiences for your customers that drive results.

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