About Us

Our story, beliefs, and people.
Stitch is the go-to partner for marketers who use Braze. 
But you might be wondering how we got here.
You could say we’ve been around the martech block a few times (and decades).

And we were getting a little frustrated by getting rained on by the cloudy skies above, and tripping on the proverbial sidewalks of cobbled-together tech stacks. 

So, we decided to focus our collective time and effort on what works: Braze.

Braze is a customer engagement platform purpose-built for marketers, thoughtfully developed for the era of composable tech stacks, multi-channel engagement, and data-driven strategies.

Our sole mission is to help marketers do cool sh*t with Braze that drives real results.

We launched in September 2022, and by early 2024, we achieved Orbit Status as a Braze partner — the highest-attainable tier of partnership. One of our biggest flexes is that we hold more Braze certifications than any other company in the world.

We've been helping brands big and small, across industries, move to and do more with Braze.

And we're having a blast doing it.

Michael Burton
Co-Founder & CEO
Bobby Tichy
Co-Founder & Chief Solutions Officer
Brian Montminy
Chief Operating Officer
Stephen Rosenfeld
VP, Architecture
Bri Jones
VP, Marketing
Jessica Leeds
Director, Alliances
Elisa Sanders
Director, Talent
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