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Braze, a customer engagement platform, has features that allow for dynamic integrations and real-time data collection, which allows for a more informed marketing strategy and a more complete customer profile. A consultancy like Stitch provides in-depth guidance to achieve these goals.

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Braze is a customer engagement platform that uses data to improve customer interactions. Features like Braze Currents and Webhooks enhance real-time data streams and dynamic data integration, and its various integrations allow the platform to be implemented into your martech stack. While it offers technical support and learning resources, hiring specialized consultants or partners can provide in-depth guidance. Stitch can provide expertise in implementing and optimizing Braze for long-term success.
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Braze Support

One of the most popular customer engagement platforms available online today is Braze. Braze makes it easy for companies to better engage their customer and potential customers, so they can generate brand interest, encourage curiosity and loyalty, create connections, and end up with happy customers who want to buy again and again.

Before the advent of martech tools for selling, companies simply guessed at the best ways to engage customers. While many customers worked to center customers at the heart of interactions, the reality is that not all companies knew their customers or the best way to generate interest from them in specific services or products. Some brands were lucky and got it right — others got it wrong and failed to reach the people they hoped would buy.

Braze is powerful because it takes the guessing out of customer engagement and uses data to reveal the actual ways that customers want to hear from you.

While the platform is powerful and effective, it is also somewhat complex. This is a plus because that means it has tons of data computing power and can give you incredible actionable insights. However, it's also a drawback because people not familiar with martech tools or software in general may have a hard time harnessing it to its fullest potential.

The Braze support team that works for the company can help users with basic answers to questions. They are attentive and responsive. However, for information on more in-depth ways to use the software, and longer-term strategic support, you'll need to turn to someone else for help.

For a guide beyond Braze support who can help you use the tool in a way that maximizes its potential over time, consider hiring consultants who specialize in Braze's platform and functionality. There are companies like Stitch that have a team of pros that know Braze inside and out. So, when you hire us to be a Braze partner, you can ensure you're paying for the knowledge of a Braze technical support specialist — in addition to marketing strategist, solution architect, and more — and most importantly, someone who can guide you through using this tool so that it brings you tangible results.

Braze Integration

One reason that Braze is chosen by so many of the world's biggest and most successful companies to help them master customer engagement is that the platform offers so many integrations that it can gather and help you understand data from a wide variety of sources across your company. Braze integrations are many, and one of the keys to making this tool work for your company is ensuring you're using the program in tandem with the martech tools (and other platforms with customer data) that you already use.

For help with Braze integrations, you may simply need to call Braze customer support, who can walk you through brief troubleshooting sessions. Alternatively, however, if you need help understanding which platforms you should integrate with Braze and how to do those integrations, you may want to hire a professional services partner, like our team at Stitch. A pro professional services provider can help you build out a scalable Braze architecture, and hone in on what integrations are just right for your business.

They can also show you how to use more complex tools offered in Braze that require integration to work properly, like Braze Currents and Braze Webhooks.

Braze Currents is a real-time data stream of engagement with your events. It is the most robust and granular offering that Braze can generate. The platform generates a file of engagement data that is then read by another integrated data partner of Braze, which reveals those numbers to you. Once you have that data, you can use it to integrate with and power your customer BI tools, including machine learning algorithms that can update and help you achieve better results from your efforts in near real-time.

Braze Webhooks is another feature of Braze that helps to infuse and combine data from multiple sources. The platform utilizes webhooks, a type of automated message from one system to another that announces that a certain specified criteria has been met. Webhooks for Braze enables two separate systems that are integrated to take action based on data collected in real-time.

In contrast to the real-time functionality of Currents, Webhooks gives you a dynamic and flexible way to use data and programmatic technology and set up customer journeys that effectively lead them through the process of interested leads to loyal buyers.

Braze captures of tons of data and gives you a lot of ways to use it. To best understand how to harness the data you're given, and what data to consider when making business decisions, consider hiring a consultant or Braze pro, like our team members at Stitch. We can walk you through the best ways to use Braze's technological capabilities to boost the effects of your usage of customer data.

Braze Technical Support

Besides what its technology enables companies to do, one of the best parts about Braze is that offers excellent customer support. It doesn't matter what tier or pricing you have, you can still take advantage of some help and guidance from the company. While the support Braze offers differs based on what you're paying to use the site, the company will always offer some level of help to customers encountering issues, if possible. 

The stuff that Braze's free technical support handles daily and swiftly is the same as the very common questions asked of most support teams that help with web-based tech tools: Is Braze Down? What's Braze's service status? How do I retrieve my login information? Why isn't my platform working?

Braze support team members create a Braze support ticket for the issues that are brought to them by customers, and they remain devoted to fixing the issue or answering the question on the ticket until it is resolved, and then the ticket is closed.

However, Braze offers support beyond simple troubleshooting, depending on the Braze Service Level agreement you've signed up for. The most extensive Braze plans offer more support from their team, and you can use them to walk you through tech issues with the platform and answer one-off questions about the best way for you to use their tool to get the results you are looking for. On their website, Braze explains that their support team can help you onboard when you sign up for the service, customize your data dashboards, define your ROI metrics in regard to Braze, and more.

To get a better idea of what Braze support would look like for you, look at the customer support page on the company's website. Make sure you also review your service level agreement, which will make clear what free support is offered to you from the Braze team. It outlines what customers can expect from customer support as well as how to get in touch with them.

While Braze support is knowledgeable and helpful, they are only meant to be used as a resource to go to when you need assistance — not a long-term partner who can ensure you are using the tool in the best possible way, and who can monitor your usage to make sure you're always getting the most possible out of it. For that, it helps to team up with a company like Stitch, since our team specializes in using Braze and can not only help you troubleshoot but will consult, strategize, monitor, and celebrate with you when the results help your business thrive.

Braze Learning

One way to make sure you use Braze to its fullest potential is to learn about the platform on your own. Braze offers a slew of learning resources that you can take in on your own time to make sure you understand the different ways to use its features and how to get the results you're aiming for. 

One of the best ways to learn about Braze is to review the company's robust documentation, including the Braze FAQ. In the library of Braze documentation, there are tons of instructional sheets and how-tos that walk users through its different facets and how you can use each to meet goals.

If you are someone who is excited by Braze and the things it can do to engage the people you want to reach and sell to, you may want to master the program. You may want to show other professionals how the can use it to improve their business results, too. If that's the case, you can also study for your Braze certification, which ultimately means you've mastered the program's functionality and can use it to help people (or yourself) create great customer interactions and end up with more happy customers. 

Braze's learning opportunities also include training and enablement, offered via an additional preserve package from Blaze or from an additional partner who can create a tailored in-depth training plan that is customized to meet your business' needs and to match the way you use the platform.

If you are considering signing up for Braze and you'd rather rely on an expert to help you through the process (and then guide you as you continue on in your journey), consider the team at Stitch. We'll lead you through setup, implementation, and optimizing as you go.