Braze Campaign Support

Braze Campaign Support: How Consulting Partners Make Your Life Easier

Stitch’s expert campaign guidance and support helps marketers quickly master Braze, enabling them to create personalized, data-driven customer journeys and effective campaigns without tedious trial and error.

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When you partner with Stitch for Braze campaign support, you get all the benefits of years of expertise without the time and energy cost that comes with learning it by yourself. Partnering with us grants you access to our extensive martech experience, tailored strategies, and ongoing Braze campaign optimization help.

Braze is for marketers who want better solutions. Stitch is for marketers who use Braze.

Braze Campaign Support: How Consulting Partners Make Your Life Easier

Getting lost in a new platform is an all-too-familiar experience for many marketers. You're exploring a potential tool for your company, only to find yourself brain-fried after hours of diving deep down rabbit holes of questions, like: How do the workflows, email builders, and other features work? What happens to different types of customer data once you integrate them into the new system? How much technical support will I need to migrate digital assets into this platform?

Campaign support from consultants who are experts in that specific tool can help answer these questions and identify new opportunities you couldn’t come up with on your own.

At Stitch, we’re martech experts who help marketers make the most out of Braze, our favorite customer engagement platform. Find out how Braze campaign support can empower you and your team to streamline the implementation process and get the most out of your martech.

Understanding Braze Campaign Support

Braze powers campaigns that reach customers in a more personalized way— using data from past campaigns, customer interactions, sales, and other data points from across your tech stack to help create seamless customer journeys tailored to each customer’s wants and needs.

For instance, Braze Canvas Flow allows you to launch automated marketing campaigns across channels like email, text, web, and in-app notifications with hyper-specific criteria for audience targeting. Built-in frequency capping ensures audiences aren’t spammed with too many messages in too many places, while customer preference data makes sure they’re reached when and how they want to be.

While trying to achieve effective campaign management in Braze, businesses often face challenges like not understanding how certain features work, making mistakes that could hurt campaign performance, and not using the platform to its fullest extent for their needs. Campaign support helps marketers maximize the potential of their Braze campaigns by skipping straight to expert mode with experienced consultants. Consultancies that are well-versed in Braze (like us at Stitch) help marketers avoid the tedious trial and error of learning a new tool and instead make great campaigns from the get-go.

3 Benefits of Partnering With Braze Consulting Partners

When you partner with a consultant for Braze campaign support, you get all the benefits of years of expertise without the time and energy cost that comes with learning it by yourself. Partnering with Stitch grants you access to our expertise, tailored strategies, and ongoing Braze campaign optimization help, which we’ll dive deeper into here.

1. Expertise and Experience

With Braze as the core of our business, we know its capabilities inside and out. Our experience with Braze platform optimization, including configuring the system to match unique needs, collaborating on tailored campaign strategies, and providing hands-on support, improves our clients’ customer engagement efforts.

Martech consultants can help you and your team turn your campaign ideas into practical, step-by-step execution plans within Braze. Or they can suggest new campaign ideas based on their prior knowledge of the system’s capabilities.

For example, in our video series reviewing the “Braze Inspiration Guide,” our team chats about campaign ideas for topics like retention and monetization, giving people a taste of what it’s like to work with a Braze consultancy. Our connected "Threading the Needle With Braze" video series gives marketers step-by-step instructions on navigating different features and functionalities within the platform, like building a welcome series in Canvas Flows, creating transactional emails, and finding and creating campaign reports.

2. Tailored Strategies

At Stitch, we often see marketers run into Braze-related roadblocks, like a lack of knowledge available to help them create campaigns specific to their business, its audience, and its different use cases. While Braze help articles and online discussions give some insight on how to run certain types of campaigns, the information there can be too general or too hard to sift through when a marketer needs a clear answer or advice that's specific to their situation.

Consulting partners take a customized approach based on the business's needs in collaboration with in-house marketers. This cuts out the time required to search the web for others in your situation to find the Braze campaign strategies that would work best for you.

Talking to a human about your brand’s personality, its relationship with customers, and what your engagement goals are and why creates a riper environment for building innovative marketing plans.

Both small businesses and large corporations across the U.S. and the globe have found success in using tailored Braze campaign approaches. For just a few examples:

3. Ongoing Optimization

Campaigns within Braze aren’t their best with a “set it and forget it” mentality. As the market, consumer opinions, and business goals change, existing campaigns should shift to serve them. And as a long-term campaign goes on and you find out what is and isn’t working well, continuous campaign improvement ensures sustained success.

Within this process, consulting partners can help you deftly navigate the analytics within Braze, evaluate your campaigns, and suggest ideas for ongoing improvements and adjustments. This puts in place achievable long-term strategies with collaborative support and less of a software learning curve on your end.

The Collaborative Process of Braze Consulting

These foundational elements are key for successful business collaboration with Braze partners:

  • Communication channels: When considering a consultant, discuss early on which communication channels are best to reach each other on (email, messaging software, calls or texts, etc.). Especially in cases where you’ll be working from different time zones, note when key team members are in or out of office on both sides, and set boundaries for how to discuss issues during or outside of work hours.
  • Regular check-ins: Having a set time and cadence for discussing project points and progress helps keep the communication flowing between you and your consulting partner. Set expectations for project updates at the outset of a Braze implementation. Then, see if there’s a weekly, biweekly, or monthly time that works for each of you to review longer-term projects.
  • Feedback loops: As with any relationship, a consulting partnership goes two ways. Ask up front what the feedback process looks like from both perspectives. Learn which data points your consultants need from you to help evaluate your campaigns. Find out early on which kinds of feedback are helpful to them and how and when they’d like to receive notes. Also, ask if they have feedback for how to improve your processes.

Steps to Engage Braze Consulting Partners

Like with any relationship, engaging a consulting partner starts with talking. As martech consultants, we need to first understand your brand, processes, goals, and current tech stack to be successful. Businesses like yours can initiate a partnership for campaign support just by asking — which you can do here.

Once we’ve talked enough to both feel good about moving forward with a partnership, the onboarding process looks different depending on your needs. Whether we’re implementing Braze into your tech stack for the first time or helping you optimize existing Braze campaigns, we’ll first discuss the details and timelines that work best for your team — and then get going. In the long run, you can expect a collaborative partner that helps you find the best solutions for your business's unique needs and goals.

Testimonials and Success Stories

We get that, as a Braze consultancy, our opinion on how helpful Braze consultants can be might be a little biased. Customer reviews, testimonials, and success stories help bridge that objectivity gap.

On trusted review site G2, Stitch has a rating of 4.9 out of 5 stars. Our reviews say that our clients benefit most from our “knowledge,” “flexibility,” and “reliability.” Overall, martech consultancy testimonials highlight the benefits of accessing new viewpoints, platform expertise, and great customer service from consultants.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if a consulting partner is certified by Braze?

Braze lists all of its certified solutions partners on its website, including Stitch. Solutions partners become Braze certified by undergoing training that teaches them how to deliver the best for their clients in integrations, migrations, and ongoing campaign support.

How does a consultancy help with Braze implementation and integration?

Consultancies provide strategic advice and clear execution plans for an initial Braze implementation. This includes integrating Braze within your current tech stack so feedback and data loops are set up correctly to keep all systems running smoothly. Consultants, like us at Stitch, will also train you and your team on the platform and its use cases for an easier learning experience.

Tell Us What You Need

The best part about engaging a Braze consulting partner is that the relationship is flexibly built around your specific company, its processes, and its needs. If you tell us what you need to make Braze work for your business, we’ll help you figure out how to make that happen. Reach out today to start the conversation.