The Benefits of Specialization Inside the Consulting Partner Relationship

In order to get the most value out of a customer engagement platform like Braze, most marketers choose to extend their team by working with a Braze partner to help them achieve their platform objectives. Whether you choose to work with a global SI, an agency, or a dedicated Braze consulting partner, a partner is going to be able to help you achieve your goals with the platform. While all Braze partners are going to help you drive your objectives, the way they go about it, and the experience they bring to the table, varies widely. 

One characteristic that is rare among Braze partners is a 100% dedication to Braze, allowing the partner to deep-dive into Braze versus working across the many customer engagement platforms that their customers use. 

Why Work With a Braze-Dedicated Consultancy?

Stitch is a part of a small group of Braze partners who have chosen to specialize in Braze as our CEP of choice. You can read in more detail about why we made that decision here, but ultimately it’s our customers who are feeling the difference. Working with a dedicated Braze consultancy offers the following benefits:

  • Maximize long-term ROI with Braze. Our differentiator is knowing Braze inside and out, beyond just the standard day-to-day process of executing campaigns. This deep knowledge means we are well positioned to partner with brands from the very start of their Braze journey to build a comprehensive roadmap, outlining how and when they will incorporate new features and optimize their use of the platform, ensuring they are making the most of their investment and getting the return needed.
  • Get expert knowledge of the Braze platform. By being 100% focused on Braze and hiring the best Braze consultants on the market, the expertise you’re going to get is top-notch and highly nuanced to your specific needs for the platform. We value Braze training and are able to recommend features, tools, and implementation techniques that meet a marketer's specific needs, all with an eye to the product roadmap and what’s going to be coming in future releases. 
  • Adopt Braze faster. You made a big investment, and a dedicated Braze consultancy can help you realize that value quicker by getting in, helping you migrate, and getting your team upleveled faster than a more general partner might be able to. 

What if I have an existing agency of record?

In some instances, a consultancy will partner with a brand’s agency or SI of record on a larger digital transformation initiative that extends outside of Braze or includes workstreams affecting multiple facets of the business. This collaboration can accelerate implementation and streamline adoption across the organization, resulting in a faster time-to-value.

What does this actually look like?

Choosing the right Braze partner is key. A dedicated Braze consultancy like Stitch offers hands-on support and advice on overall digital engagement strategy as it pertains to Braze. With deep experience integrating and optimizing Braze implementations, Stitch empowers marketers to achieve their customer engagement goals faster than agencies so that our customers quickly benefit from the Braze platform.

We got the opportunity to prove this recently when introduced to a global cosmetic brand that had been working with another partner for several months before calling on Stitch. Their previous partner had implemented them originally onto the platform, but was struggling to keep up with their pace. With over 2 million active loyalty program members across 17 countries (roughly generating 80% of the company’s revenue), the brand needed Braze to drive this forward by engaging their audiences in new and dynamic ways. 

Within a few days of working with Stitch, we evaluated the brand’s use of Braze and devised a strategy to help the cosmetic company better implement its features, while also identifying quick wins to build momentum within the platform — at a much quicker pace.

Within the first three weeks, Stitch:  

  • Created a new cross-channel customer journey for a "Back In Stock" feature
  • Added push messaging into existing campaigns
  • Launched comprehensive in-app/push campaigns
  • Recommended an experimentation strategy for Braze Canvas

Stitch’s in-depth knowledge of Braze’s capabilities enabled us to move faster than the agency and deliver more value to this well-established cosmetic brand.  

Go Faster with Braze and Stitch 

We know Braze (and effective customer engagement) like the back of our hand. Get in touch to see how we can help you use it, or migrate to it, faster and more effectively.

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