10 Reasons Why Marketing Operations Leaders Are Moving to Braze - Part 2

In part one of this blog series, we discussed some of the challenges marketing operations leaders (MOps) are up against and why they’re turning to customer engagement platforms like Braze to power their marketing strategies, as well as six reasons why Braze is helping them achieve their goals through a scalable architecture, easy-to-use templates, and AI-based functionality. Part two will take this a step further — revealing how marketers use the platform to gain insights into campaign performance. It will also cover some of Braze’s most powerful capabilities that promote data-driven campaigns and unlock the full potential of marketing operations.  

1. Gain actionable insights with Braze’s powerful dashboards and analytics capabilities

Marketers need actionable insights to drive effective and personalized customer engagement strategies. That’s where Braze’s dashboard comes in. It equips marketers with powerful tools to make data-driven decisions and elevate their campaigns.

The Braze dashboard has robust analytics tools that give marketers a centralized hub to visualize, track, and analyze key performance indicators. In addition, Braze’s dashboard offers real-time data insights for measuring campaign effectiveness and optimizing customer journeys.

Braze also recently announced their advanced analytics engine called Braze Instant Insights (BII). Leveraging Snowflake, BII unifies marketing data from multiple channels to help marketers understand the information they have and take action in real time. As a result, Braze enables brands to stay on top of their game and a step ahead of the competition.

Outside of BII, other powerful analytics tools within the platform include:

Segment Insights

For marketers, understanding the uniqueness of each customer segment is critical in personalizing consumer experiences with a brand. Braze Segment Insights provides vital details about how customers differ. Marketers can use it to compare different customer segments based on pre-selected KPIs, offering insights into how to target a specific group of prospects with relevant campaigns.

Email Engagement Dashboard

Despite all the channels available to us now, email isn’t going anywhere. But to get the most out of this channel, marketers need to understand the performance of their email strategies.

With Braze Email Engagement Dashboard, marketers can visualize and analyze email performance metrics. They can monitor changes in customer behavior within Braze and respond accordingly to improve conversion.

Braze Funnel Reports

When customer engagement efforts are ineffective or inefficient, the problem might be hidden in plain sight. Visualizing the entire marketing funnel is one way to ensure that even the tiniest issue doesn’t go unrecognized. Braze Funnel Reports enables marketers to create a visual representation of customers at every touchpoint. Such clarity makes it easy to see the exact stage where someone discontinues a process instead of proceeding to the next step. As a result, Funnel Reports can provide insights for optimizing the overall customer journey.

Braze Retention Reports

For a brand to keep customer acquisition costs down, it must acquire new customers consistently and (more importantly) retain them for the long term.

MOps leaders have to understand retention metrics in order to identify opportunities to retain existing customers.  Braze Retention Reports give marketers insights into the retention impact of every campaign (information that can then be used to reduce churn rates and strengthen customer relationships).

Besides the powerful analytics features mentioned above, Braze also integrates with multiple third-party behavioral analytics tools. These tools offer a wide breadth of metrics for measuring campaign performance. To learn about some of these partners, check the Braze Alloy homepage. 

Braze Instant Insights

The latest reporting tool in the Braze's repertoire, Braze Instant Insights (BII) is built on top of Snowflake. The pre-built connection between these powerful tools offers marketers many flexible use cases, helping them see the bigger picture and then drill down into KPIs such as attribution, customer retention, churn, and more.

8. Foster smoother collaboration across teams and roles

Braze comes with robust user permissions, known as Teams, in order to ensure data security and maintain data privacy. It gives organizations full control over who can access and manipulate sensitive information within the platform.

MOps leaders who wish to give their team access to the Braze dashboard can add members and set individual user permissions or they can manage user permissions by group when teams collaborate on a broader project. This ensures team members only access required information, keeping confidential details safe within the platform. This level of control enables leaders in even the most regulated industries to confidently adopt Braze organization-wide.

9. Create a culture of experimentation

Testing is a fundamental pillar of effective marketing. It empowers marketers to make data-driven decisions instead of relying on instincts or gut feeling. Braze comes with robust testing and experimentation capabilities for optimizing campaigns:  

  • A/B testing: Also known as split testing, this method involves comparing two versions of a marketing element, or variable. Marketers can test one variable at a time to determine the most effective variation.  
  • Multivariate testing: This technique is more complex than A/B testing and allows marketers to test two or more variables simultaneously.

By effectively leveraging A/B and multivariate testing, every campaign offers a chance to experiment with promotional content to identify what is actually working. And, with Braze’s real-time customer data, getting test results and any subsequent optimization is quick.

10. Educate your team on the power of Braze with its resources and certifications

While the breadth of functionality within powerful martech is beneficial, it also means that users need to invest time and effort to learn how to use all the features effectively.

Braze has made it simple to learn its platform. They provide courses that teach features and functionalities, with learning resources tailored to different roles, channels, or skills. After completing a course and passing an exam, learners get Braze certified with proof of expertise in the platform to validate their credibility as a Braze marketer.

Maximizing the value of Braze within your marketing operations

While Braze is a powerful platform, the key is to learn how to maximize its value. Stitch is a marketing technology consultancy focused on Braze and its data integration partners, and we offer services ranging from strategy, implementation, and migrations to ongoing campaign services and configuration. Whether you’re a seasoned MOps leader or helping move your team in a new direction, partnering with Stitch can help you get the most out of Braze. 

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