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Navigating Braze Reviews: Find Out If the Platform Is Right for You

Stitch’s team is made up of people who have built their careers as marketing technologists — we’ve used or evaluated nearly every martech tool in the book. We’re ready to use our experience to help you evaluate if Braze is right for you (spoiler: we think it is).

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Braze is our tool of choice and the core of our business because we truly believe Braze is the best customer engagement platform there is.

Braze is for marketers who want better solutions. Stitch is for marketers who use Braze.

Navigating Braze Reviews: Find Out If the Platform Is Right for You

Navigating through the "what ifs," "hows," and "whys" of adopting new marketing technology is often an overwhelming challenge for modern marketers. Marketing leaders could truly waste all of their days sifting through all the features, use cases, and integrations in the ever-evolving landscape of acronymed martech (we’re talking CDPs, CEPs, CRMs, DAMs, ERPs, MAPs, and more — oh my!).

User reviews simplify this process by giving marketers the "real deal" information about a tool’s advantages and shortcomings — straight from other marketers who are already using the software. Like with any online product, user reviews tell marketers whether or not the new tool will fit their needs and priorities — without the sales pitch from the company itself.

Here at Stitch, after decades of experience within the martech ecosystem, our tool of choice is the Braze customer engagement platform (CEP). Browse your way through some Braze reviews and find out how to navigate its features here.

Overview of Braze

As a CEP, Braze helps marketers develop highly customized campaigns that target customers across channels, based on exactly where they’re at and what they’re searching for in their buyer’s journey. It uses real-time data points alongside information on user behaviors and preferences to meet people on the channels they use, right when they need your products or services.

Braze’s robust features, adaptability to various audiences and industries, and strong reputation as a leader in the industry make it a highly valuable martech choice for marketers looking to turn their data into better marketing communications.

Braze’s Key Features and Capabilities

To fuel better customer engagement, Braze offers features like:

  • Canvas Flow: Braze’s workflow interface helps build cross-channel customer journey maps, using automated communications with a personal feel. Intuitive filtering empowers marketers like you to create the right audiences, segmenting by user attributes, customer data, or engagement data like message engagement, purchasing history, and more. Built-in analytics accompany every step of the journey with in-message reporting, which shows how customers are moving down various paths and which messages are performing well. All of this is easy to use and accessible for marketers, requiring no technical development knowledge to execute.
  • Content Cards: Enhance the user experience by seamlessly integrating rich and dynamic content into your site and app. Content Cards extend your messaging channels and can onboard, highlight content, or offer promotions. These brand-integrated cards maintain personalization for increased user engagement, using live profile updates for tailored messages that customers will value.
  • Feature Flags: As a modern marketer, you know how panic-inducing a new feature rollout can be. The fear of breaking your entire app or website is all too real. At the same time, you have to consistently innovate to compete in the market. Feature Flags help marketers like you navigate this tricky balancing act by creating slower, safer rollouts that target only a specific audience group at a time. This feature also allows you to create more customized online or in-app experiences, like offering specific premium features to your higher-paying customers or subscribers.

Target Audience and Industries Served

One of Braze’s main value-adds is its ability to enhance the customer experience for brands of different sizes, across different industries, that are trying to reach different audiences. For enterprise businesses, Braze can connect to existing tech stacks through easy but powerful integrations, feeding data back and forth for better marketing processes. For small businesses, Braze empowers these brands to compete with their larger counterparts by giving them a path to reaching more customers, more personally, yet efficiently.

Brief History and Reputation in the Market

Braze started as a mobile marketing platform named AppBoy. Its first iteration offered best-in-breed SMS, push, and in-app notification software. Since then, it's expanded into all aspects of marketing communication and the customer experience, empowering omnichannel digital campaigns. Braze is entirely natively built without acquisitions, meaning every feature was handcrafted and tailored to be a useful, powerful solution for marketers.

Braze is considered a leading solution, as it was named a 2023 category leader in cross-channel marketing hubs by trusted analyst Forrester Wave. Among the co-leaders were popular legacy marketing solutions like Salesforce.

Importance of User Reviews

User feedback powers intelligent decision-making for both marketers and platform developers. Marketers can make better decisions about which tools work best for their use cases using the transparency and trust in user reviews. Developers can see how real users really feel about their platform, which features they should add next to improve the user experience, which high-performing features they should leave untouched, and more.

Braze's reputation is high across platforms, signaling its trustability as a valuable marketing tool. It has a 4.5-star rating on G2, a score of 8.6 out of 10 on TrustRadius, and a 4.4-star rating on Gartner.

Gathering User Reviews

Marketers considering adopting Braze into their tech stack can view user reviews on the Braze website, as well as third-party review platforms like the ones mentioned above. As different types of users may use different platforms to review Braze, and different platforms evaluate different aspects of the product in their reviews, it’s best to aggregate and analyze user feedback from multiple sites for a comprehensive understanding.

Common themes and trends in the user feedback include:

  • Cross-channel capabilities
  • Good customer service experiences (which can be enhanced by working with a consulting partner like Stitch)
  • Areas for continuous growth and further feature development

Positive Aspects Highlighted in Reviews

Braze user testimonials highlight positive aspects like:

  • User-friendly interface and ease of use
  • Effectiveness in customer engagement and communication
  • Robust learning academy resources
  • Ability to create both standalone and complex automations
  • Strong focus on mobile-first communications
  • Easy implementation and integrations
  • Native analytics and reporting dashboard

Addressing Concerns and Criticisms

On the negative side, Braze users are concerned about:

  • Error messages that can be difficult to understand
  • Complexity for marketers with no previous CRM or related-tool experience
  • Potential need for further customizability for more advanced users

Many of the more critical reviews of Braze also noted their positive experience with Braze's customer support team in addressing their concerns. One added benefit of Braze is its dedication to continuous improvement based on users' suggestions.

Case Studies

Braze gives real-world examples of customers using the tool successfully on its website. In the Braze case studies library, find out how the platform has impacted customer engagement and business outcomes for brands like:

  • Grubhub, which used Content Blocks to create more personalized email campaigns
  • Peacock, which reached a 20% reduction in subscriber churn with an individualized subscriber year-in-review campaign
  • Gympass, which used personalized emails, in-app messaging, and push notifications to support its customers’ unique wellness goals
  • Canva, which used a localized email strategy to better support its design community during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Payomatic, which used data-driven marketing campaigns to increase mobile app adoption
  • Pizza Hut, which increased its revenue by 21% through a machine learning initiative to test and optimize its email strategies
  • SimpliSafe, which used Braze to integrate user data from across its tech stack in one place for better marketing communications

Comparison With Competitors

When compared to customer experience tools like Insider, Reputation, and Scorebuddy, Braze is highly effective at optimizing digital communications. Braze stands apart from its competitors in its unique focus on mobile-first communication methods like in-app and text notifications. Users also highlight Braze's great customer support features and easier-to-use interface.

Another unique feature is Braze's ability to easily integrate and coexist with companies’ current tech stacks. For example, companies that already have a large, longstanding Salesforce footprint can integrate Braze and Salesforce.

How to Get Started With Braze

Get started with Braze onboarding and implementation by reaching out to the Stitch team. We can help you figure out how Braze fits into your tech stack, what a good implementation plan looks like for your business, and more.

To learn more about how your company could use Braze, request a demo from us on your contact form, or check out resources like our blogs or Braze’s user guide.


It’s clear — user reviews are an important part of your martech decision-making process, and Braze’s reviews position it as one of the best customer engagement tools out there. With the help of Braze implementation experts, you can make sure your implementation process goes smoothly and quickly start benefiting from its features.

As a Braze Partner, we're experts on implementation, integration, and optimized use. More than that, we care about helping marketers navigate martech to make their career experiences — and customers’ buying experiences — better.

If you're interested in exploring how Braze can streamline and personalize your marketing campaigns, drop us a line.

And if you’re already benefiting from Braze, consider leaving a review to help out other marketers. Users like you can drop reviews on platforms like G2, Gartner, Capterra, TrustRadius, and more.