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Why You Should Meet with a Partner Before Your Braze Demo

We believe that the first step in any technology evaluation should be defining your overall martech goals. Stitch can help you articulate your goals and scope your business needs before you even see Braze in action, so you can ask the right questions to make the best decisions for your business.

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We believe in the value of bringing partners in early, even if you are still in the evaluation phase. We partner with you to help you scope your business needs and identify the right questions to ask to determine if Braze is the best fit for you.

Braze is for marketers who want better solutions. Stitch is for marketers who use Braze.

How to Schedule a Braze Demo

Before you start using a customer engagement platform (CEP) like Braze, you’ll need to find out how it’ll fit into your specific business's type, size, practices, and current tech stack. The first step to getting these answers is scheduling a Braze demo.

In a demo, you’re able to actually see the tool in action and ask experts questions about use cases that are relevant to your business. This beats endlessly scrolling through system documentation, help articles, and forums to try to find one little detail about how a specific feature works.

Read on to learn more about the Braze customer engagement platform, its solutions partners, and how to schedule a demo.

Braze Overview

Before we get into it, let’s go over Braze as a whole. Braze is a customer engagement platform aimed at allowing marketers to create highly personalized campaigns and customer journeys. It can replace or work alongside companies’ current customer relationship management (CRM) systems, email service providers (ESPs), marketing automation platforms (MAPs), customer data platforms (CDPs), and data warehouses.

As a platform that's wholly concerned with improving customer engagement, Braze’s people-first messaging and automation features improve customer-brand relationships. As a Braze-focused consultancy, our favorite Braze features are:

  • Canvas Flow: This is the customer journey mapping tool that many of our clients work with day in and day out. It’s what automates and personalizes messages across platforms for highly targeted groups of customers.
  • Content Cards: These help you showcase content that's relevant to a specific customer on your website and in your app. They offer flexible options for delivering content recommendations, promotions, and other types of messages at the right moment — adding to a customer’s journey based on their behavior rather than rudely interrupting it.
  • Sage AI: This on-platform generative AI tool leverages the best of new tech to help spark creativity and save time. It can help you quickly complete routine copywriting tasks with the Braze Copywriting Assistant and an intelligent AI Q&A tool. The DALL-E Image Generator can also create the image you need for a marketing graphic with just a prompt.

Navigating the Braze Demo Process

If the features we just talked about grabbed your attention, consider moving on to the demo phase. Here’s a step-by-step guide to scheduling a Braze demo:

  1. Fill out a contact form: A Braze Solutions Partner — like Stitch — or the Braze sales team can walk you through a demo of the product. At Stitch, we’re a Braze partner, so you only need to reach out and request a platform demonstration to get started.
  2. Give us the rundown: In the “What Can We Help You With?” section of our contact form, provide us with more context on what you want to see within Braze.
  3. Get a sneak peek of the platform: Before the demo, you can view videos of the platform in use to gain an initial understanding that you can build off with your demo team. Braze itself offers a demo sneak peek, and we at Stitch have plenty of resources available on our site — including an in-depth how-to video series called “Thread the Needle With Braze.”

During the Demo

Once it’s time for your demo, make sure to come with your questions ready! As consulting partners, we can confirm this helps us understand what you need while helping you get a better grasp of the tool.

After your demo director finishes their initial Braze features showcase, consider asking about:

  • Braze integration and compatibility: Learn how Braze can fit into your current tech stack, and which other tools you’ll need to ensure proper data flow between systems.
  • Implementation tips and processes: Find out what the migration and onboarding processes look like, and how an implementation partner can support you. At Stitch, we train clients on the tool and run the migration in collaboration to support their goals and timelines.
  • Optimization ideas: Pick your partner’s brain about how to boost customer engagement with Braze and how to build out a marketing strategy. It may even help to come ready with an example of a current or future campaign idea so they can walk you through what the execution of the idea would look like within the system.

Real-World Braze Use Cases

Companies across any industry can benefit from Braze’s better messaging processes. If you’re looking for examples in your industry, Braze has had proven global success in the following areas:

  • Food and beverage, with brands like Pizza Hut and KFC
  • Software-as-a-service (SaaS), with brands like Canva
  • Home goods, with brands like Overstock
  • Entertainment and media, with brands like Peacock and Max
  • Travel and hospitality, with brands like Virgin Red
  • Health and wellness, with brands like Gympass and ClassPass
  • Education, with brands like Quizlet
  • And more!

Case studies are divided by use cases on the Braze website, so you can head there for examples of how Braze has improved customer engagement across channels. See how companies like Payomatic have used data-driven marketing tactics, brands like GrubHub have run successful email marketing campaigns, and businesses like EverWash have built better customer journey maps, all through Braze.

Key Braze Features

Though we briefly went over a few key features earlier, let’s take an in-depth look at the specific Braze features that can be showcased in your scheduled demo. A Braze demo should give you an introductory look at how to:

  • Create a Canvas: A portion of your demo can focus on exploring the Canvas Flow interface, as this is where campaigns within Braze are born. Find out how to map out customer journeys across channels by building targeted Canvas Flows based on user preferences and actions.
  • Use different messaging channels: Speaking of “customer journeys across channels,” Braze has messaging capabilities for Android, iOS, and web push notifications, as well as Content Cards, emails, in-app messages, SMS messages, webhooks, and WhatsApp messages. You’ll find out how to start with each of these types of messages and their personalization capabilities during your demo.
  • Access and use customer data: See where the Canvas Flow interface shows you whether users have abandoned a flow, performed high-value actions, or aren’t engaging at all to make more informed future campaign decisions using real-time data and analytics within Braze.
  • Explore design tools: Get a walk-through of how to use Braze’s simple but robust message composers and drag-and-drop builders. See how they allow marketers to bring their creative ideas to life without technical development knowledge.
  • Uncover personalization options: See how Liquid personalization tags can make your content feel more conversational. Learn about features and practices like connected content, deep linking, catalogs, and more for further personalization routes.
  • Discover the AI suite: Learn how AI-powered tech helps marketers test and iterate on different strategies to understand what’s moving the needle and delighting their customers. See how different AI use cases like content assisting, question answering, and more can help you streamline your marketing processes.

Benefits of Braze Demos

A Braze demo allows you to get answers to your questions early in the buying process, without making any investments. With access to a platform expert, making the most out of your demo time can help revitalize your customer engagement strategies with new ideas.

If, after your demo, you decide to implement Braze, you’ll be in a better position to maximize your ROI with a deeper understanding of the platform. Plus, getting a demo directly from the consultancy you plan to implement Braze with means building a consistent business relationship with a partner who can support you throughout and beyond the migration process.

Exploring Braze Integration and Compatibility

One of the most frequently asked questions we hear in Braze demos has to do with whether or not Braze will integrate with a company’s current tech stack. Luckily, Braze keeps a well-documented list of all its technology partners publicly updated on its website.

The seamless integration process with any of these tools will be discussed in your product demo. And if your existing platform isn’t listed as a certified technology partner, don’t fret — you can work with a developer to use Braze’s REST application programming interface to ingest data from other sources and send data to Braze.

At Stitch, we have a couple of other software recommendations for those who are looking for systems that pair especially well with Braze. For example, on the data storage side, Braze works incredibly well when you're exchanging information with data warehouses like Snowflake.

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be covered in a Braze demo?

Braze demos include an overview of essential tools and functions within the platform, like the Canvas Flow customer journey mapping interface, creating messages across channels, email and message composition and design tools, analytics for campaign evaluation, and more. During a Braze demo, your solutions partner can also answer any questions you may have regarding project scope, implementation, migrations, and more.

How do I schedule a Braze demo?

You can request a demo either on the Braze website or through a Braze consultancy's contact form.

Schedule a Braze Demo and Find Out Why It’s an Industry Leader

As customers increasingly value personalized experiences, more and more companies are leveraging data to provide them. To compete as a modern marketer, you need to be connecting with customers on a personal level, where and how they best like to be reached.

Named a leader in cross-channel marketing hubs by Forrester Wave and landing on G2’s 2023 Best Software Awards list, Braze is a cutting-edge customer engagement platform that sets the industry’s standard. Its ease of use for marketers, combined with excellent customer service, expert global solutions partners, and robust features for clear-cut targeting, makes it one of the best in the business.

If you’re ready to see how Braze can transform your customer relationships, let us know by requesting a demo through our contact form.