Data-driven marketing, powered by Twilio Segment

Marketing solutions powered by Segment, built by Stitch
Data is the fuel that powers effective customer engagement. Segment empowers marketers to gain access to the data they need.

Stitch helps marketers use Segment to turn their data into insights, and those insights into action.
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Why Segment?

Data-driven marketing

With the loss of third-party cookies, first-party data is the future of marketing. Segment gives marketers access to the data they need to drive effective customer engagement.

Scalable architecture

Segment acts as a single integration source to arm marketers with first-party data from across their business at scale. Segment's flexibility helps lay the foundation for scalable marketing architecture.

Compliance & security

Marketers are becoming increasingly responsible for managing customer consent and having strategies in place to meet privacy regulations. Segment gives marketers the ability to manage customer data in one place.

Marketing use cases

From knocking down data siloes, to creating a single view of the customer, to managing privacy and consent – there are many ways to drive marketing ROI with Segment.

Why Stitch?

Stitch was founded to help marketers solve problems with more effective marketing technology. After decades of working with world-class marketers across industries, one recurring challenge we saw marketers were facing was access to the data they need to be successful. We sought out to find a better solution. Enter: Segment.

Segment is the leading customer data platform (CDP) — enabling brands to collect data and activate data from across the organization for better customer engagement.

We help marketers realize the value of Segment, and provide services such as implementation, ongoing services, and solution architecture to help drive success with the platform.

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