What should be next on your customer engagement roadmap?

Braze launched their annual Customer Engagement Review — filled with insights, case studies, and inspiring content that helps spark new ideas on how to be a better marketer. 

We’re helping you take the next step. 

We’re leveraging insights from the Customer Engagement Review to offer an actionable recommendation on what to do next with Braze. 

Customer Engagement Review Overview

Customer engagement is a craft — one that weaves together diverse skill sets, agile ways of working, and bold experimentation. 

It requires a multi-threading of thoughtful use of customer data, creativity that cuts through the noise, engaging messaging, unique experiences, and continuous improvement and optimization.

TL;DR: The life of the modern marketer is challenging. Building effective customer engagement programs is complex, and being able to innovate and stay ahead of the curve is even more so. 

Braze launched their annual Customer Engagement Review, which details the challenges of modern marketers, offers insight into how marketers vary in their maturity levels, and shares insightful case studies for how real marketers are making marketing magic happen.

In their survey of 1,900 global VP+ marketing executives, the Customer Engagement Review identified these three key themes for marketers to watch this year:

  • Creativity and strategy work better together with AI 
  • The full potential of data is more promising than ever
  • Cross-channel messaging is rapidly evolving — so should your brand

The Customer Engagement Review also previewed the Customer Engagement Maturity Index, a proprietary framework for evaluating a brand’s technological and organizational maturity. 

The key takeaway? Brands that scored in the highest tier, Ace, were slaying when it came to the key themes the Customer Engagement Review identified.

At Stitch, our goal is to help all of our clients achieve Ace status.
While we know transforming customer engagement programs doesn’t happen overnight (although, we move pretty fast), we always start with the crawl-walk-run approach — identifying quick wins to build momentum that gets you to where you’re going, all woven into the roadmap that will guide you there. 

So, what’s your next step?

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