The Future of Marketing Campaigns with AI - Braze City x City Encore Presentation

Marketers across industries face the same challenge: finding ways to execute campaigns as quickly and efficiently as possible, without sacrificing quality and creativity.

In this encore session from Braze City x City San Francisco, Bobby Tichy (Chief Solutions Officer and Co-founder at Stitch) brings his 13+ years of industry experience to share how AI can help us reinvent campaign creation by automating large aspects of the execution process in order to free up marketers to focus on more strategic tasks, like campaign ideation and storytelling, optimization, and measurement.

This session will offer actionable takeaways, including:
- Helping marketers think about how to leverage AI and martech for one or more aspects of their campaign creation and execution process
- Demonstrate how Braze can support an AI-supported campaign process
- Explain how high-performing marketing teams are leveraging AI today

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