Stitching It Together: Innovation Lab Idea Recipes

On April 27th, 2023, Braze launched the 427° Innovation Lab — a group focused on fostering ‘Brazestorms’ that bring together different disciplines (namely tech and creative) to show how tech accelerates creativity and makes it soar.  

As part of the launch, they dropped a megadeck: “Melting Points: Where Creativity Meets Technology,” an exploration of what’s possible when you take a creative approach to customer engagement.

The megadeck is meant to spark new ideas and demonstrate how Braze can be an accelerator that helps marketers bring their big ideas to life. 

Stitch is going a level deeper to show how the details come together to make marketing magic happen.

In the ‘Stitching It Together’ series, we’ll share step-by-step guides to how the elements of Braze come together to form masterpieces.

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