A Marketer's Guide to CDPs — And Why 2023 Is The Year to Invest in One

Over the last decade, the responsibilities of the modern-day marketer have continued to expand. Marketers are now tasked with harnessing the full capabilities of the business to provide the best experience for the customer and drive growth.

In a recent McKinsey survey, 83% of global CEOs said, "they look to marketing to be a major driver for most or all of the company’s growth agenda."

But, marketers also face major challenges in today’s world: technology is rapidly evolving and can be hard to keep up with if your organization isn’t well-equipped to do so (as of 2022, there were nearly 10,000 available marketing technologies and solutions on the market). Along those same lines, new channels and ways of engagement are always emerging — shifting consumers’ attention and expectations, meaning marketers must be constantly pushing the envelope to find new ways to meet their customers where they are.

Similarly, consumer expectations have evolved into a demand for transparency on how companies are using their data - and lawmakers are responding with increasing regulations, like GDPR, CCPA, and many others - ultimately leading to the deprecation of third-party cookies.

However, with these challenges and responsibilities comes opportunity. Marketers must get smarter about how they capture customer data and how they use that data to drive the  most impact.

The need for a solution that pulls together and unifies data from across the organization, offers data governance management capabilities, and enables marketers to activate that data across their customer lifecycle to drive growth is more important now than ever. That's where a customer data platform — or CDP — comes in.

In 'A Marketers' Guide to CDPs,' marketers will learn about:

  • The importance of a CDP in today's technology-driven world
  • The benefits of implementing a CDP
  • How to choose the right CDP for you
  • What happens AFTER you invest in a CDP

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