5 Ways Lifecycle Marketers Can Use Braze to Maximize LTV

Being a lifecycle marketer is all about meeting your customers where they're at through personalized messaging and tailored customer journeys. The success of lifecycle marketing is often measured by increased lifetime value (LTV), engagement, retention, and loyalty.

Having the right technology in place is critical to the success of lifecycle marketers, as they need to be able to capture data from across their customer experience, create deeply segmented audiences, activate personalized messaging across channels, and then optimize based on engagement and behavior.

Braze is a leader in customer engagement, offering a comprehensive platform that allows brands to connect with their customers across channels and helps marketers bring their big ideas to life. It's a “must” in the toolbox of lifecycle marketers from many incredible brands, and here are five reasons why:

1. Better understand your customers with Braze's comprehensive data and analytics

One of the key responsibilities of a lifecycle marketer is to understand your target demographic’s shifting needs. But while building a customer profile is a great start and can help humanize marketing campaigns, it often neglects the nitty-gritty details that you need as a marketing decision-maker.

Braze's comprehensive data and analytics bring you those details so you have the information you need when you need it. Its data ingestion capabilities and segmentation tools capture high-value customer data in real time. You can then use this insight to map your customer journeys, segment your audience according to their behaviors, craft dynamic messaging, and build personalized campaigns for every stage of the customer lifecycle.

One of the reasons we like Braze's data and analytics tool is that it does more than just spit numbers at you. It helps you locate actionable trends so that you can drive users to perform high-value actions wherever they are in the customer journey.

2. Engage your customers across channels

We know that omnichannel engagement matters. Brands who prioritize engaging their customers using cross-channel messages have seen up to a 94% higher customer LTV, a 13% increase in 30-day retention, and 64% more purchases per user.

When it comes to the number of available messaging channels, Braze is the most comprehensive cross-channel engagement platform on the market. Integrated cross-channel delivery empowers you to push information out to your customers across multiple channels. You can send a personalized offer via a push notification to a lapsing user, for example, or email specific product recommendations to an active user. Braze Email, SMS, WhatsApp, and Browser Messaging functionality can all work together to communicate with customers and generate awareness around your brand.

3. Build tailored experiences with comprehensive customer journey orchestration capabilities

Braze’s extensive messaging options can be leveraged via Campaigns (for a single message step) or pulled into its comprehensive customer journey orchestration tool, Canvas.

The drag-and-drop capabilities within Canvas ensure you need no coding experience to completely personalize your customers’ experiences based on their previous interactions with your company. Each step in the customer journey can be influenced by unique triggers regarding their preferences, behaviors, and omnichannel interactions with your brand. The more information you receive from a customer, the more you can personalize their journey and create a unique experience that matches their personal needs — all tailored to where they are within their customer lifecycle, with pre-set goals for the campaign to help drive conversions.

4. Optimize campaigns based on customer engagement

Part of being a lifecycle marketer is knowing that customers' needs and behaviors are always changing — so not only do you need to be constantly evolving and optimizing your messaging and campaigns, you need to be able to do so quickly.

Braze's Predictive Suite leverages AI and machine learning to help you identify at-risk customers and communicate with them as their needs evolve. And with the Predictive Purchases tool, you can also identify which customers are most likely to make purchases and which advertisements are most effective for them.

Meanwhile, the Braze Intelligence Suite helps you time your campaigns and send information out when it’s most beneficial to your customers. You can even use A/B testing directly through Braze and receive the results in real time, further bolstering your analytics and understanding of your customers.

5. Organize lifecycle marketing campaigns with Braze’s collaboration tools

If you work on a team, you know how hard it can be to successfully collaborate on ideas. And with more and more people embracing remote work, it’s rarely as easy as popping over to someone’s office for a brainstorming session. Braze Teams feature makes it possible to collaborate with your team (and other departments) while keeping your customer data secure.

Braze lets you define your teams by language, geographic location, or custom attribute. You can manage team members' permissions on an individual basis, and grant or deny permissions on everything from accessing campaigns to sending messages, publishing cards, editing segments, exporting user data, viewing profiles, managing dashboards, and more.

The Braze Teams feature, coupled with access to dashboards with real-time insight, organizes your marketing team and gets everyone on the same page. While this doesn't necessarily directly impact LTV, having a well-organized, collaborative platform sets your team up for success to strategically and cohesively evolve your marketing based on your customers' needs.

Improve lifecycle marketing campaigns with Braze

When you ditch the one-size-fits-all approach to marketing, you set your business up for greater success — but unless you find the right tools, you’re adding to your team’s to-do list.

Braze offers features that save you time and support each stage of your lifecycle marketing strategy. From capturing customer data in real time to engaging users with personalized campaigns, Braze gives you comprehensive, easy-to-use tools that amplify your efforts.

Braze is a brand we trust because they understand what it takes to create strong content for your customers. They’ve designed their technology to uniquely meet the needs of lifecycle marketers. So, when you invest in Braze, you invest in a solution that will improve efficiency and empower you to create better, more profitable marketing campaigns. When you're ready to leverage Braze's tools, we're here to help.

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