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Demystifying CEP's with a Braze Consultant

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Braze is a platform jam-packed with dynamic features, scalability, and integrability that makes it applicable to any company or martech stack but can be difficult for a marketer to implement and understand. Enter Stitch. We offer our years of martech experience and guidance to help dissipate the confusion surrounding Braze.

Easy Implementation of Braze with Stitch

Adding a new system to your martech stack can be incredibly confusing. It needs to be functional for your business, have the ability to scale, and be easily integrated with your other technologies. That’s why having a solutions partner, like Stitch, can be pivotal to utilizing your CEP to its full potential. With a deep understanding of Braze’s features and our ongoing support from message development and campaign strategies to product road mapping and marketing optimization, we can help make Braze an asset to your tech stack, not a burden.
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Braze Consulting

A new martech system can feel like a labyrinth. You have to adjust to a different user interface and operability. The system must integrate with and talk to the other tools in your pre-existing tech stack and scale as your organization grows.

Once you learn a feature or two, you have a sneaking suspicion that you're not using the platform correctly or making the most of its potential. Actually, you're not sure if you know how to approach it from the start. 

A partner like Stitch will provide Braze consulting to help you maximize your investment and save hours of frustrating DIY attempts. We are there to support you every step of the way of your marketing journey, from inception to completion to iteration and analysis. 

Our strategy services ensure you have a strong foundation for your marketing program from the beginning. We'll work with you on customer journey mapping to accurately depict your customer's end-to-end interactions with your brand.  

Another strategic offering is martech road mapping and optimization. We help you crystallize your different marketing goals and activities, the complementary technologies you'll use, and the metrics you'll track. Analyze the current state of your marketing programs, identify gaps, and establish future KPIs. We'll provide clear recommendations to guide you to an optimal future state and prioritize technology implementations. 

You may have a strategy, but the thought of platform implementation is daunting. How can you install a new system without compromising your current tech stack? Don't feel alone. Stitch executes successful implementation and environment configuration, taking away the stress and complexity of adding new technologies.

We'll help you navigate migrations and integrations and set you up with a reliable infrastructure for your customer data. However, we won't just throw you to the wolves after we set up your platform! We offer personalized training, or you can use our support content. Contact us for questions or advice on how to get the most value out of your platform.

Like you, we're marketers. Beyond platform consultation, we have a few tricks up our sleeves to provide ongoing support in areas like: 

Message development

Campaign strategies

Product road mapping

Marketing program optimization

Braze Customer Engagement Platform

Torrents of customer data flow into your organization every day. But how much of that data can you trust? For customer data to be valid, it must be accurate—free from duplicates, inconsistencies, and errors. It also needs to be organized to leverage it appropriately. 

However, that's easier said than done. Different channels fire hose data from every direction. Messages that were relevant one day are obsolete the next. Customers expect instant communication and help; even the slightest delay may drive them to seek another brand.

You need a way to store and manage customer data and make it fit for purpose. A customer engagement platform centralizes customer interactions and sets you up for better, faster communication. As Forbes points out, engagement means building trust and relationships to keep your customers returning for more.1 Customer engagement platforms are invaluable assets for forming authentic, helpful connections.

Braze Customer Engagement Platform is a standout CEP. Forrester's Wave Report listed it as a "Leader in Cross-Channel Marketing Hubs" on the same level as Salesforce, Adobe, and SaS. Braze drives effective engagement between customers and brands to deliver relevant, cross-channel experiences at any scale. Brands that use Braze include Intuit, HBO, and Canva. 

We offer Braze consulting because of the platform's success, agility, and expansive capabilities. It can transform multiple streams of disparate customer data across different devices into clear, actionable insights. Listen to your customers across various touchpoints, follow their digital journeys, and learn how to serve them through your lifecycle marketing best. 

The platform provides AI-enabled behavior-based insights so brands deliver the right message to the most relevant person at the right time. Braze orchestrates and optimizes cross-channel marketing campaigns to resonate with target audiences. Dynamic segmentation features help you build audiences based on of-the-moment data, behaviors, and contexts. In-app messaging enhances engagement and drives transactions; email synchronization lets you win lost customers back.

What differentiates Braze is its nimbleness—its motto is "Start Anywhere, Go Everywhere." In addition to capturing and contextualizing data from multiple sources, you can design customer journeys in minutes or less. Use drag-and-drop elements to create data-based customer journeys with no code. Run A/B or multivariate tests in seconds to determine the most effective content, channels, and frequency for your audience.

Braze is an encompassing tool. Our Braze consulting services help you maximize its usefulness to increase revenue and conversions.

Braze Support

Braze is an industry leader for CEPs, and any organization will benefit from additional guidance on realizing its potential for customer engagement. Customers rave over Braze's support, which is fitting for a customer engagement brand. If you work with Braze consultants, you'll access personalized, ongoing help to solve challenges in the platform and drive success.

The right consultancy will give you platform-specific Braze support. This includes implementation and data management. Data management involves architecture and modeling, governance, custom integrations and solutions, identity resolution strategies, analyses, and dashboards. Ask us for advice on reporting and how to preserve the integrity of your customer data.

Visit the platform's website for Braze documentation and guides for users, APIs, and developers. Take advantage of in-app guidance and personalized training. View video tutorials or ask for Braze training sessions and content to acclimate yourself and your organization to the platform. Ask your Braze consultants for ideas for marketing activities and strategies to optimize your investment. 

If you want a self-guided way of learning the platform, check out Braze Learning on the company's website. Take online courses like Braze 101, Braze Reporting and Analytics, and Email Onboading: Achieving High Deliverability. The classes are for marketers, software admins, and developers. You can take exams for Braze Certifications to demonstrate your knowledge of customer engagement and the tool. 

With Braze's robust support offerings, no customer should ever feel lost at sea. The company is a five-time CRMI NorthFace Scoreboard Award for World-Class Support winner. Submit a support ticket, check out Braze's live chat, or call the company's support team. There's also a support portal within the platform.

Braze Partner Network

The best avenue to find a Braze consultant is to look at the Braze Partner Network. Braze calls its Partner Network Members Braze Alloys. Alloys are technology and solutions partners that help you customize, integrate, and elevate your customer engagement initiatives.

The Alloy network is a global community of industry experts, and Braze evaluates and certifies each partner. The partners also offer top-performing integrations with complementary technologies. Add the integrations to your Braze tech stack to uplevel your customer engagement strategies.

Braze's solution partners network comprises highly reputable agencies, consultancies, and system integrators. An effective partner will help with everything from implementation to migration to advanced analytics.

Which Braze agency is right for you? Consider whether you want a partner more focused on technology, solutions, or both. Evaluate their qualifications based on experience, certifications, and industry experience. Look for qualities like:

Previous collaborations with organizations of your size, industry, and budgets.

Relevant industry certifications. Is anyone on their team Braze certified? How deep is their experience with Braze?

How agile they are. A small brand may mean more agility, but it may also be resource-strapped. A more prominent brand may have more resources and brand recognition but more bureaucracy. 

Industry reputation. Consult peer organizations for references, research reviews on G2 and Capterra, and contact references. With a relationship-driven business like consulting, give more weight to peer recommendations and word-of-mouth—from credible sources. You may have to put in a little extra legwork, but you want to be sure you're investing in a trustworthy partner.

Their methodology. Will they visit your organization in person, or prefer virtual collaborations? Are they the type to embed themselves within your team, or do they stay removed? Will they take a high-level view of Braze, go more granular, or both?

Their vision. Do you feel like they keep up with current industry standards or keep to the tried-and-true? How well do they embrace innovation?

Their transparency. What is their reporting structure? How often do they want to meet? Do they keep you informed at every step of your collaboration? Are they open about costs associated with technology and services?

Remember that while a Braze partner may have a glowing reputation and references, they may not fit your organization. Perhaps you have a highly specialized niche audience, or your architecture can't support their recommended strategies and systems. Find a Braze consulting partner with the appropriate experience and credentials to cater to your organization, whether you're a high-growth startup or an enterprise. 

Braze has over 50 technology partnership integrations. They include Google Cloud, FourSquare, Twilio, and Zapier. Braze's Solution Partners include Accenture, Deloitte Digital, and Capgemini. Braze's Solution Partner program features five tiers, with personalized benefits for each partner depending on its level.