Introducing Tailor: The No-Code Preference Center for Marketers Using Twilio Segment

For brands looking to drive better customer engagement and collect better data, having a robust preference center is likely a critical component of your strategy — and if it's not, it should be prioritized on your roadmap — especially as brands shift towards privacy-centric engagement approaches and look for opportunities to create more personalized experiences.

While giving customers the option to unsubscribe is a necessary and baseline requirement for any customer engagement strategy, good preference centers provide your customers options — capturing zero-party data on when, where, and how your customers want to be engaged. This means offering options to set communication frequency, preferred channels, and what types of messages they want to receive.

However, when you have a complex martech stack — with multiple tools used to communicate with customers across multiple channels — this can be easier said than done. This is another use case where a CDP, like Twilio Segment®, can be incredibly useful. With Segment as your source-of-truth for customer preference data, it can be used to store and activate customer preferences across channels and tools.

Leveraging the power of Segment, we're excited to introduce Tailor — the world's first no-code preference center for marketers using Twilio Segment®.

Tailor gives marketers a no-code user interface to use as a single preference center across all of your channels — enabling you to consistently communicate with your customers when, where, and how they want to be communicated with.

Tailor benefits:
  • Increase efficiency and create brand consistency with a single preference center to manage preferences across all of your channels
  • Consistently communicate with your customers when, where, and how they want to be communicated with
  • Ensure clean and accurate data by using Segment as your source-of-truth for customer preference data, including leveraging Segment's identity resolution capabilities — ensuring all preferences are linked back to a single customer profile
  • Keep customers engaged by giving them the ability to opt out of select communications rather than completely opting out of hearing from your brand
  • Assure data security by only storing the preference data in Segment
  • Evolve your preference center over time with its easy-to-use, no-code backend interface
Tailor features:
  • Customize to your brand, including fonts, colors, and logos
  • Multiple ways to capture data — including preferred frequency, message types, channels, and other zero-party data
  • Out-of-the-box templates for simple, effective, and highly usable interfaces

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