Meet Pinwheel: A Custom SFTP File Uploader for Twilio Segment

Segment is the top CDP on the market for a multitude of reasons — one of them being their expansive catalogue of data sources and destinations. The more data sources available, the more robust of a profile you can build on your customers, and the closer you will be to having a true, single source-of-truth for your customers. The better data you have, the more you can rely on this data to drive meaningful value for your company: increased CLV (customer lifetime value) through identifying high-value customers and using personalization to increase spend, and reduced CAC (customer acquisition cost) and improved ROAS (return on ad spend) through more effective targeting.

With over 400 data integration options available for Segment, marketers — and stakeholders across the company — can operate with a single view of the customer, using consistent data across the board.

While Segment is the market leader in the amount of sources and destinations available, they also enable the development of custom integrations. With the Stitch team's extensive backgrounds in media, entertainment, and sports, we saw an opportunity to create a custom integration with Ticketmaster® — which ultimately opened the door to an even more flexible use case: a custom data source that allows the import of CSV files into Segment.

Introducing Pinwheel — a custom SFTP file uploader that sends your data into Segment® with ease.

To add even more fuel to the Segment engine, we built a custom source for importing CSV files — a common file type used to store data, ultimately expanding the amount of data sources available, including major platforms like Ticketmaster. Pinwheel is a SFTP file uploader that imports, standardizes, and sends data into Segment.

Pinwheel benefits:
  • Import, standardize, and send data from CSV files into Segment — including flexible data formats such as tab delimited, pipe delimited, etc.
  • Flexibility to use various data formats and make multiple calls into Segment per line
  • Save time and custom development work for your team with a turnkey solution — no code required
  • Automate sending more data into Segment when and how you want it
  • Create integrations with powerful data sources like Ticketmaster
Pinwheel features:
  • Secure file hosting — your data is safe within your own data governance strategy
  • Pinwheel can work with any data source that provides data in a CSV file, including key platforms like Ticketmaster®
  • Easy-to-use interface

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