5 Benefits of Working with a Segment Partner

Segment and Twilio, who acquired Segment in 2019, have long been focused on ease of use – especially for those technically-minded. Segment also offers robust documentation on implementation and ongoing management of their platforms.

However, as the platform continues to evolve, working with a partner — who knows the capabilities of the platform inside and out — is a critical component to the ongoing success and optimization of your investment.

While Twilio and Segment remain committed to offering an easy-to-use platform to engage customers, working with a partner can help ensure that you’re using the platform to the fullest, following best practices, and continuously driving innovation on how you use the platform.

Let’s dive deeper into the benefits of working with a partner:

1. Harness the full power of the platform.

Segment’s expansive capabilities — including integrations, protocols, personas, sources, and destinations — offer a playground full of potential. Not only can a partner, like Stitch, help you maximize each feature of the platform; we can also help develop custom solutions to meet your unique business needs. For example, Segment offers 300+ productized integrations out-of-the-box — but you can create any kind of custom destination as long as it’s accessible through the API. One example of a custom solution we have built is a custom destination to run contacts through an AIML model, helping to identify attributes such as churn risk, most likely to buy, etc. Consulting partners will be able to help you identify when to build a custom solution, versus when to use a pre-built solution within the platform.

2. Ensure a successful implementation and adoption.

As with any software implementation, a bad implementation is the primary reason users don’t see the value from their investments. For Segment, that might look like the absence of a tracking plan, misaligned data sources, or not using certain features (or not using them correctly). As a consulting partner, we’ve been there; done that. Let us focus on setting you up for success with Segment, while you focus on engaging your customers. We’ll guide you through every step of the way, while providing the tactical support needed. There’s no better insurance for your platform investment than that.

3. Operate with a point-of-view on best practices.

Piggybacking off of successful implementations, it’s imperative to work with a team who is completely focused on and has experience with Segment. The expertise gained from hundreds of implementations is invaluable. By working with a partner, you’ll understand how to best use each feature of the platform, specific to your company’s business objectives and use cases. This goes for industry-specific use cases as well. While Segment has pre-built specs for mobile and eCommerce, we can rely on our experience in other industries to build out custom industry specs for our clients.

4. Extend your use of the platform.

In our collective dozens of years of experience implementing marketing technology, we’ve never seen a client use a platform exactly as it is out-of-the-box.They’ve all had at least one use case where they needed a specific integration or functionality that wasn’t available. Segment allows you to build your own sources, destinations, and functions to accomplish these fringe cases — enabling marketers with endless possibilities on how to use data to engage their customers across channels. Partners have the experience to help you extend the platform to ensure you’re leveraging it as efficiently and effectively as possible, with the goals of minimizing overlapping functionalities across platforms, and stitching together your entire tech stack to drive maximum value.

5. Partners will give you a gut check.

Been using Segment for a while? Don’t feel like you’re getting the value you should? Feeling like your growth within the platform has plateaued? Partners can be a great resource for taking an unbiased look at how you’re using Segment, what you should improve, and provide ideas to innovate and evolve. There are product releases each month, which include new partner integrations, so chances are there’s a feature a partner could highlight that you just don’t know about yet, or a way you can minimize redundancies. For example, we’ve been helping customers reduce technology spend on their marketing stack by leveraging Segment in tandem with SendGrid andTwilio Messaging to replace their ESP, MAP and other messaging platforms — offering a more affordable solution that’s easier to use and lets marketers put their data at the center of their engagement strategy.

In short, the possibilities with Segment are endless — and as a partner, we’re exclusively dedicated to helping marketers develop a strategy and continuously evolve their use of the platform, while ensuring incremental value as quickly as possible when implementing Segment. From roadmapping, to technical implementation, to best practices and governance, we partner with you every step of the way to ensure success.

Meet Stitch

Stitch is the world’s first Twilio and Segment consultancy exclusively dedicated to marketers. With decades of marketing technology experience under our belts, we advise, enable, and support marketers using the Twilio platform — including Segment and SendGrid — through offerings such as strategy, implementation, data as a service, campaign services, and custom solutions.

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