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Twilio offers a range of services, like Segment, its acquired customer data platform, and its ecosystem of partners that provide guidance and advice to enhance your business's marketing efforts.

Improve Your Customer Engagement with Twilio

Twilio helps companies improve customer engagement by offering a range of services, including Twilio Segment for data analysis and personalized engagement. They also provide robust support plans and have a network of consulting partners to assist with implementation. Twilio's solutions enable businesses to collect valuable customer data, enhance communication, and meet customer expectations for personalized experiences.

Twilio Services

There are dozens of valuable Twilio services organizations can utilize to bolster their customer data and customer engagement initiatives. Many modern businesses understand the importance of acquiring accurate customer data but struggle to develop cost-effective and efficient solutions to help improve personalization initiatives. Many customer data and customer engagement platforms boast the ability to “do it all” with a single platform, but the reality is much more complex; platforms like Twilio provide organizations with a nexus of tools, resources, integrations, solutions, and much more – all to help drive success and improve customer engagement practices. 

Twilio Segment is touted as the first major growth automation platform built atop a customer data platform. As digital activity continues to increase in the aptly named digital era, more businesses are realizing the value of accumulating and analyzing customer data but many organizations lack the technology or resources to effectively leverage their customers’ data. 

Thanks to the Twilio-Segment acquisition in late 2020, Segment and Twilio are now poised to provide even better customer engagement solutions across virtually every possible channel. Businesses that are serious about achieving their growth and success objectives understand that one of the most important parts of conducting business in the digital era is the ability to grow the base of customers and provide those customers with better, more meaningful engagement. When companies are able to engage meaningfully with customers, the data acquired during those interactions then helps fuel more effective strategies in the future.

But in order to obtain such volumes of high-quality data from your customers, businesses need to have the proper infrastructures and systems in place in order to maximize efficiency. When companies have the ability to eliminate data silos while creating a singular, comprehensive overview of the customer journey, organizations can better identify effective customer communications initiatives. More effective customer communications directives can subsequently result in greater volumes of high-quality, first-party data that can seamlessly integrate into a diverse array of existing applications. 

Twilio Support

It’s difficult to be an industry leader without a robust support channel capable of providing assistance for numerous issues. Twilio Support provides Twilio Support Plans for text, VoIP, and voice APIs – access help for your critical applications around the clock. Submit a Twilio support ticket to receive a Twilio support number and a dedicated Technical Account Manager familiar with your organization’s setup and history can provide timely assistance for Personalized Support Plan accounts. 

To get started and establish a better understanding of Twilio Support capabilities, you might try the Twilio Support 101 guide, which provides a brief overview of how Twilio Support teams can help when the need arises. There are numerous other guides similar to Twilio Support 101 that can help your organization develop a better sense of the types of support available. 

Twilio’s Help Center provides a wide range of support opportunities – clients can access helpful FAQ (frequently asked questions) documents, browse helpful and informative guides or blog posts about a vast array of topics, and contact support teams to help with any questions or concerns that may arise. In the event that you are unable to find assistance or an answer within Twilio’s extensive documents database, the Twilio Support Help Center also provides important information about account management, billing, and other troubleshooting initiatives. 

When it comes to support plans, Twilio offers a few different tiers – Developer, Production, Business, and Personalized support plans. For accounts under the Developer plan, email support is available; for those under the Production plan, email and chat support are both available; and for Business and Personalized plans, email, chat, and phone support are all available. Depending upon your organization’s plan, you may be able to open and submit a ticket, call a support contact phone number, or utilize Twilio’s chat support feature until your questions have been answered or any issues have been resolved. 

Twilio Support teams generally operate during ‘standard’ business hours from approximately 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., Monday through Friday, wherever those offices are around the globe; Twilio has support teams in several countries across multiple continents. Support response times may vary somewhat based on a handful of contributing factors – the first factor is the level of priority assigned to a support ticket when it is generated. Response time also depends upon your tier of support plan. Even so, response times can generally range from several ‘business’ hours to within one hour (for accounts with Personalized support plans). 

Twilio Partners

An expansive and sprawling network of Twilio partners comprises the healthy and diverse Twilio ecosystem. Twilio’s global network of consulting partners helps to accelerate customer engagement figures at every possibility. “Build,” the Twilio Partner Program can empower your business to improve sales, customer support initiatives, and development – all while developing better customer engagement practices and client solutions. These are just some of the many advantages of becoming a Twilio Segment partner. 

Twilio’s Partner Program, Build, also provides businesses with the know-how, expert guidance, and all the resources necessary to help drive the growth of your organization and its customer engagement practices. If growth and expansion are part of your company’s primary objectives for the near future, partnering with Twilio’s Build can help connect you with similar organizations that have been there before. 

Organizations utilizing Twilio implementation and Segment implementation can allow businesses to add special code to a particular app, website, or an entire server. This code can provide simple functions like tracking page views or tracking how long users stay on a particular webpage, or this code can be highly complex. More complex coding can provide more in-depth information like how long a user spends looking at a particular app or tracking how users utilize an app while it’s open – the possibilities are virtually endless and limited only by your developers’ ability to write complicated lines of code.  

Twilio consulting partners and Segment consulting partners like Stitch empower marketing teams to utilize Twilio and Segment to positively impact customer experience relations with higher quality data, better orchestration, and improved messaging initiatives. Such consultancy firms can help develop winning strategies by integrating customer journey maps with your organization’s digital landscape. They can also help provide invaluable implementation services as well as account configuration, data migration, and data modeling. 

There are dozens of Twilio consulting partners that can help businesses develop and deploy their own Twilio-powered systems. Twilio can also connect your business with an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) which can provide customer engagement software that’s ready to use. When companies have better access to improved customer engagement strategies and solutions, they are more likely to be able to broaden their customer bases while improving existing customer relationships. 

Modern organizations understand that their customers’ attention spans are highly sought-after and in order to succeed in such competitive circumstances, businesses need to develop stronger, more effective methods of customer engagement. No matter what industry your organization operates in, customers likely represent one of the pillars keeping your company aloft and level, and contemporary customers have high expectations. Modern consumers generally expect timely and helpful support from brands when they have questions, and many customers like to engage with organizations in other digital landscapes as well like social media or mobile apps. 

The more communication opportunities customers have with organizations, the better those organizations can understand the needs and preferences of their customers. Most businesses today understand the importance and value of collecting customer data and utilizing that data to inform better customer engagement practices in the future, many businesses may feel that data collection and analysis initiatives are simply too costly or too large in scope in order to be utilized effectively. Organizations like Twilio have proven that organizations small and large can benefit from even modest customer data platform solutions. These organizations also understand that each customer interaction is significant, and can be a small but helpful piece in a much bigger puzzle.

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