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Twilio, including the CDP Segment, is a powerful marketing tool, capable of greatly improving data-driven customer profiles. A consultancy, like Stitch, can provide support from planning to optimization, unifying customer data to create a well-rounded marketing approach.

Support for Your Twilio Implementation

Twilio professional services offer expert guidance to help organizations effectively implement and optimize Twilio for improved customer engagement. With personalized support in planning, implementation, onboarding, expert guidance, and optimization, marketers can confidently use Twilio to drive better customer experiences. Twilio Segment, a customer data platform, allows businesses to unify and analyze customer data from various channels. Twilio offers different support plans, while Twilio partners like Stitch provide additional consulting. The Twilio partner program connects marketers with technology and service providers to enhance their customer engagement solutions.

Twilio Professional Services

Twilio offers a range of tools organizations of many kinds can use to improve customer engagement. However, Twilio is not necessarily a simple platform. While its features are certainly streamlined and intuitive enough, Twilio is a powerful and in-depth customer engagement solution. The platform comes with a large number of capabilities and can offer a tremendous amount of value, so naturally, the tools come with a bit of a learning curve. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways marketers new to Twilio can get the support they need so they can start using Twilio to drive better customer engagement in little time. Let’s take a detailed look at some of the services you can access to help with Twilio implementation, show you how to plan Twilio projects, and much more.

Twilio Professional Services is a way to access expert guidance that can accelerate your time to value with Twilio by working alongside experienced Twilio experts to set up your customer engagement experiences and ensure they remain effective and compliant. It can be challenging to learn to use a new software platform, especially one like Twilio that comes with a whole suite of tools. Taking advantage of Twilio Professional Services is one way to learn the ropes and become a more confident Twilio user.

When you use Professional Services from a Twilio partner, personalized support comes in a few different forms. Twilio Professional Services includes assistance in five main areas: planning, implementation, onboarding, ongoing expert guidance, and optimization.

Planning - Partner with Twilio experts to plan an effective, scalable blueprint for your next Twilio project.
Implementation - Learn best practices for implementation informed by real-world insights and gain access to developer resources.
Onboarding - Set up your Twilio account with no trouble and learn best practices for using the Twilio Console, maintaining trust and compliance, and managing phone numbers.
Expert Guidance - Get in touch with a Twilio expert at any point during your Twilio project to access valuable insights about your project and receive experienced guidance toward your desired customer engagement outcomes.
Optimization - Analyze your projects with a Twilio Professional Services expert to determine the best ways to optimize them.

Twilio Segment

Twilio Segment is a leading customer data platform used by over 25,000 businesses and ranked as the #1 customer data platform by IDC from 2019 to 2021. Marketers can use Twilio Segment to improve their ability to gather and effectively utilize customer data. Without the proper data solutions, the customer data you collect through different channels often remains siloed — which usually makes it more difficult than it should be to draw unified insights from your separate sources of data. Twilio Segment can help you realize unified, omnichannel data analysis that offers a single source of reliable customer data insights.

Twilio Support Plans

There are multiple kinds of Twilio support plans marketers can use to get the most out of Twilio’s solutions. Let’s compare a few of the different types of Twilio plans you can opt for:

Twilio Support Plans

Twilio offers a range of support plans that come with a variety of benefits. Every Twilio customer receives access to the Developer support plan, with the option to add on the Production, Business, or Personalized support plans. Twilio’s free Developer support plan includes full email support and API status notifications. By upgrading to the Production, Business, or Personalized support plans, you can receive additional benefits like live Twilio support chat, phone support, and guaranteed email response times as fast as an hour (based on the issue’s level of urgency). These plans are great for when you need technical support or have a product issue.

Segment Support Plans

Twilio Segment offers similar tiered support plans specifically for Segment users. The standard support plan is included with the regular Segment license at no extra cost. Marketers who use the standard support plan can access support features like system status notifications and Twilio support email. The advanced, premium, and premium plus Segment support plans add additional advantages such as target response times as short as 15 minutes for high-priority issues. Marketers who purchase the Premium Plus support plan are even matched with a dedicated Support Account Manager who will take the time to get to know your organization’s setup specifically, so problems can be addressed as efficiently and effectively as possible. However, if you need support beyond receiving strategic guidance, working with a Twilio partner like Stitch is a better solution, as you will receive both strategic guidance, technical implementation support, and access to Segment Solution Architects.

Twilio Professional Services

Twilio Professional Services are not an alternative to a support plan, but rather a separate offering that is designed to accelerate time to value. You can combine Twilio Professional Services from a partner with any other available support plan. With partner-led Twilio Professional Services, you can receive guidance from knowledgeable Twilio experts to help you manage your customer engagement solutions. Professional Services with Stitch can assist with Twilio and Segment features in a variety of ways, including:

* Helping you create a scalable, effective contact center that provides maximum value for your brand and your customers. 
* Enabling you to get the most out of the customer data you collect and analyze using Segment’s customer data platform.
* Partnering with you to develop customer engagement solutions like messaging, voice, email, or live video applications. 

When you need to submit a Twilio support ticket to solve an issue with the platform's tools or services, one of the support plans is likely the best resource. Stitch's Twilio Professional Services can provide ongoing support throughout the whole process of implementing, designing, executing, and reviewing customer engagement efforts.

Twilio Integrations

There are other services as well that can help marketers use Twilio more effectively for customer engagement. Stitch is a consultancy for marketers that focuses on empowering marketers with a comprehensive combination of Twilio and Segment support. Stitch’s services are designed to enable marketers to create better customer experiences using the tools available from Twilio like Twilio Segment, Twilio Engage, and Twilio SendGrid. Here are just a few of the ways Stitch can help marketers get more out of what Twilio has to offer:

Implementation - Stitch can help you migrate data, configure your account, help manage your Twilio integrations and Segment integrations, and more, ensuring you have everything you need to be successful with Twilio and Segment. Stitch can also help with Twilio SMS integrations. Twilio SMS pricing is pay-as-you-go, with rates based on the type of message, the message's destination, and the carrier. 
Data - Stitch’s data services can help you keep your organization’s data clean and your reporting actionable.
Strategy - Stitch can be your organization's partner throughout the whole customer engagement process to ensure your engagement strategy remains on track.
Program Services - These services extend beyond the implementation stage to help your marketing team use Twilio and Segment to maximum effect throughout your whole customer engagement campaign.

Twilio Partners

The Twilio partner program is a way for marketers to easily connect with the various technologies and services they will need in order to achieve successful customer engagement outcomes. Twilio’s partner ecosystem comprises many different Twilio affiliates that can help Twilio users maximize the value they get from Twilio’s tools. There are many different types of Twilio partners you can work with — some are consulting partners like Stitch that provide support as you build and execute your customer engagement strategies. Other partners may be technology partners that provide the tools you need to keep your Twilio-powered customer engagement solutions functioning effectively.

One of the best ways to locate the services you need to get the most out of your Twilio account is to review the Twilio Partner Showcase. You can find organizations like Stitch that are affiliated with Twilio listed on the Partner Showcase.

The various software solutions with which Twilio partners are called independent software vendors (ISVs). Before a software vendor can officially become a Twilio ISV, they must first meet certain technical requirements and adhere to certain pricing and account structure standards. This ensures a minimum expectation of quality and uniformity for Twilio users who use the Twilio Partner Showcase to connect with Twilio-affiliated solutions. 

By utilizing the Partner Showcase and taking advantage of Twilio Professional Services, marketers can access the resources they need to drive customer engagement success.

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