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Twilio Partners

Twilio is one of the global leaders in customer engagement platforms, renowned for democratizing multiple channels like chat, email, text, video, and voice – all through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Modern successful businesses understand the importance of developing lasting customer relationships and one of the most effective ways to achieve that is by meaningful engagement and symbiotic interactions with customers. 

The Twilio ecosystem boasts a diverse array of Twilio partners as well as Twilio products that each provide unique and invaluable services for organizations hoping to overhaul their customer engagement practices. Twilio has more than a decade of experience working to create the best tools for organizations to use on their journey toward greater customer engagement. With so much experience, Twilio can provide assistance throughout the whole customer lifecycle – whether it’s sales, marketing and advertising, or customer service.

But what do Twilio partners do? The answer, plainly, is that they can do a lot. Partners can help customers deploy their own Twilio-powered solutions. Additionally, partners can provide ongoing services, consultations, and are beneficial for strategy and optimization reasons as well. There are over 400 partners within the Twilio partner ecosystem – many of them internationally-known enterprises. 

To find out which Twilio professional services would most benefit your organization, check out the Twilio showcase and the Twilio partners list. Twilio has partners in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Pacific Asia, and Japan. Partner industries include financial services, healthcare and life sciences, nonprofits, as well as the public sector. 

Twilio customers know the many benefits of developing a better, more effective customer engagement system for their businesses. Vying for your customers’ increasingly divided attention span is a particularly difficult challenge in the modern era. However, there are innumerable ways to improve existing customer engagement initiatives by utilizing valuable customer data and data analytics.

Twilio Engage

The Twilio customer engagement platform has a multitude of tools and resources available for businesses and organizations trying to improve their customer engagement practices. One of those resources is Twilio Engage – which allows for the real-time capture of first-party customer data that can then be utilized to inform better personalization efforts in any channel or every channel. 

One of the most alluring aspects of Twilio Engage is the ability to capture customer data in real-time to allow for meaningful interactions along every touchpoint throughout the customer’s journey. Increasingly, marketing teams are relying on data to help develop effective techniques and strategies, so the quality and timeliness of that data are critical in order to make well-informed decisions. With a steady stream of reliable data available at your fingertips, what can your marketing team accomplish? 

Part of being an effective marketer is knowing when to adapt as well as anticipating marketing trends. Twilio Engage provides real-time customer data to empower marketing teams to do what they do best – develop effective engagement strategies and marketing campaigns. With access to such data, devising marketing campaigns can take only minutes instead of days or weeks – what is your marketing team capable of with those kinds of resources? 

Twilio Engage helps companies small and large utilize similar tools, analytics, data integration, and various channels in order to develop highly customized marketing campaigns. Twilio Engage allows businesses to deliver unique personalized messages through email, SMS, and even custom channels. Additionally, Twilio Engage is a single platform that enables businesses to measure and manage data and scale cross-channel initiatives.

Twilio SendGrid allows businesses to tackle their email challenges head-on. Twilio SendGrid Email API can dependably deliver more than 100 billion emails per month – including yours. Twilio SendGrid also boasts a hybrid, fully redundant MTA (mail/message transfer agent) that can enable automated handling of queues as well as throttle risk detection. For organizations that rely heavily on email marketing, Twilio SendGrid can provide a central location from which your organization can send out a variety of highly personalized emails – for both transactional and marketing purposes. 

Twilio messaging or Twilio marketing can provide your businesses with exceptional customer engagement capabilities in a number of ways. Firstly, MessagingX is a completely centralized messaging platform designed to allow for optimum customer engagement across any channel. MessagingX sees more than 130 billion messages sent and received annually and has more than 1,500 global carrier partners. Alongside programmable API, your organization can develop messaging solutions for promotions, marketing materials, alerts or notifications, and more. 

Twilio Segment

Twilio Segment comes as a result of the Twilio Segment acquisition which occurred in 2020. Segment offers one of the best customer data platforms on the market – data is clean, reliable, and controllable. With Segment, developers can easily centralized customer data from each customer touchpoint. And that level of insight helps to empower marketing teams, sales personnel, and customer service agents as well – at every opportunity of customer engagement. 

Twilio Segment integration involves not only powering your organization’s customer communications but also being able to integrate data silos into a centralized and understandable format. Developing methods of accumulating valuable data is one matter, but it’s another matter entirely translating that data into something a marketing analyst can understand. After all, what good is a heap of data if no one can meaningfully understand it, or better yet, thoroughly analyze it? 

Twilio Segment API can help ensure that developers are able to connect disparate sources of customer data. There are intelligent ways to engage with customers and there are thoughtful ways to engage with customers. Intelligence is knowing what to say and the best time to say it, whereas thoughtfulness is a receptive kind of listening in addition to intellect. To engage with customers more thoughtfully, organizations must be able to collect accurate and valuable customer data in real-time or near-real-time in order to enable marketers to develop more thoughtful approaches to future customer engagement initiatives. 

Essentially, Twilio Segment helps organizations and developers to unsilo valuable customer data to provide a fuller context about customer needs and preferences. In order to better understand effective methods of customer engagement, an organization must first understand its ideal customer, then come to understand things about its actual, living customers in order to provide better products and/or services. 

Twilio ISV Partner

Twilio technology partners generally understand the wide array of benefits afforded by the Twilio Marketplace. Because Twilio has so many partners that provide so many different software solutions, it can be easier to find a solution that works with your company’s existing systems. Additionally, the Twilio Marketplace offers an expansive list of add-on packages from which to choose. 

A Twilio ISV partner is an ‘independent software vendor’ that can embed Twilio APIs within their own solutions to provide digital communication methods. Engaging with customers on their preferred channel can be a key component of providing highly personalized engagement methods. Generally, when organizations develop more effective customer engagement strategies, they are able to grow their customer base and potentially ensure that existing customers remain loyal – all while providing your company with greater streams of ever-more reliable data. 

Twilio WhatsApp can help your organization integrate with APIs and other customer engagement software solutions to help provide unrivaled scalability and connectivity. There are over 1.5 billion WhatsApp users and your organization could potentially send those users notifications or have two-way conversations with them as a part of your company’s customer engagement initiatives. 

Twilio Support

There are a handful of important distinctions between Twilio Support and a Twilio affiliate or partner; you can find helpful consulting partners on the Twilio partner showcase, but Twilio support is generally for users experiencing some sort of issue or bug with something on the Twilio platform. Simply fill out and submit a Twilio support ticket and a trained expert will respond generally within a few business hours, although response time can depend on your support plan.

Twilio Support offers four different Twilio Support plans – Developer, Production, Business, and Personalized. The Developer plan is free of charge and still comes with API status notifications and Twilio support email. The production plan costs 4% of monthly spend ($250 minimum) and comes with API notifications, email support, and live chat support; additionally, Production plans receive a guaranteed response time between 3 and 9 business hours. Business plans cost 6% of monthly spend ($1,500 minimum) and come with all of the aforementioned features along with phone support as well – guaranteed response times for Business plan holders ranges from 1 to 3 business hours. Finally, Personalized plans cost 8% of monthly spend ($5,000 minimum) and come with all of the aforementioned benefits as well as a technical account manager, a support escalation line, and a quarterly status review. 

In addition to Twilio Support plans, there are also numerous online resources like useful FAQs (frequently asked questions) and several documents, blogs, guides, tutorials, and more. If you have questions about getting started with Twilio or any Twilio Partners, or even if you have questions about how certain features work, there is likely an article that already addresses your question – circumventing the need to open a support ticket and wait for a response.

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