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Twilio Email Marketing

Since the invention of email in the late twentieth century, it’s become one of the most widely relied-upon methods of customer engagement marketing strategies. Because emails are opened and read by individuals, marketing teams can spend thousands of hours researching customer data to better understand things like buying patterns, customer preferences, and more – all in the name of developing a better marketing strategy and convincing existing customers to remain loyal or to bring in new customers as well. 

Tools like SendGrid marketing automation can help professional marketing teams create uniquely personalized experiences and invite customer engagement that’s scalable, relevant, and effective. Additionally, SendGrid marketing campaigns can help streamline and optimize your organization’s email marketing initiatives. And because SendGrid pricing is affordable and can scale based on additional features, thousands of businesses from around the world have been able to develop better customer engagement strategies and initiatives thanks in part to the tools and services provided by Twilio SendGrid.

Twilio acquired SendGrid in late 2018 in order to combine the leading cloud communications platform with the leading email API platform to provide unparalleled communications solutions. The acquisition provided companies and developers with unmatched reliability and scalability alongside access to the most capable platform for managing all communications channels including messaging, voice, video, and email. And since then, Twilio email marketing has been rebranded as Twilio Marketing Campaigns. This, ultimately, was the first step in Twilio's evolution into the marketing automation platform it is today. 

SendGrid can empower businesses and developers alike to utilize Twilio more fully to reach customers across any channel – SMS, voice, Messenger, WhatsApp, email, and video. Organizations can now rely on a single platform to deliver all the necessary communications solutions across the channels their customers prefer without having to go through different vendors or further spreading limited resources. In the next section, we will discuss in greater detail some of the features and capabilities of Twilio SendGrid and how these features can empower marketing teams to develop highly effective customer engagement initiatives in an omnichannel setting. 

Twilio SendGrid

We touched on a few basics about Twilio SendGrid, but in this section, we can go into a bit more detail about its numerous features and functionalities. From new businesses and startups to enterprise brands, Twilio SendGrid can help your company set up a robust email infrastructure to ensure that your marketing team is making the most of email capabilities. With Twilio SendGrid, setting up an account and getting started is about as simple as setting up a personal account on any social media website.

Once your account is created and verified, simply enter your Twilio SendGrid login information and you can begin sending emails in just a few minutes. Twilio SendGrid’s REST API can send emails programmatically and Twilio SendGrid Email API allows businesses unmatched flexibility and support when it comes to delivering email marketing campaigns. Twilio SendGrid also has optimized integration tools in addition to open-source libraries in seven different languages. 

For marketing teams interested in sending an email to numerous recipients simultaneously, Twilio SendGrid provides a user-friendly interface that allows users to design templates, upload contacts, schedule upcoming campaigns, and send out bulk emails for things like privacy agreements or terms of service addendums. Since different types of emails can be sent from the same platform, Twilio SendGrid eliminates the need to pull data from siloed locations while streamlining the entire emailing process. 

Similarly, Twilio SendGrid SMS capabilities allow organizations with existing email programs to inundate their marketing efforts with SMS communication. By itself, SMS can be a formidable engagement channel that enables businesses to send timely and succinct messages out to customers. When combined or used in tandem with email, the two together can create a seamless customer engagement experience that is as reliable as it is scalable. While email may be the most popular and widely-used communication channel in the world, SMS follows closely behind. Together, they can help take your company’s communications capabilities to the next level.

Twilio SMS Marketing

Modern consumers are increasingly relying upon their phones for not just leisure and personal activities, but for many other reasons as well. Some studies have even shown that individuals can touch their smartphones more than 2,600 times in a single 24-hour period. With consumers spending so much time on their mobile devices, it’s no wonder businesses are striving to find more ways to connect with customers across their preferred channels. 

The best SMS marketing campaigns are developed by marketing teams with access to relevant and timely customer data, and Twilio SMS marketing provides a formidable array of tools and solutions for all your organization’s customer engagement needs. And unlike social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, for instance, SMS allows businesses to communicate directly with customers in a one-on-one setting. You get to decide who receives messages, at what time messages are sent, and everything those messages contain content-wise. Social media platforms may provide ample opportunities for organizations to reach out and interact with their customers, but their platforms are subject to change and algorithms are continually being updated – SMS marketing provides stability and reliability that other channels simply cannot. 

SMS marketing examples may include initiatives like sending promotional messages through texts – these messages can convey information like news about new products and services, updates, discount offers, links to your website or social media platforms, and much more. Businesses can also utilize MMS (Multimedia Message Services) to send customers images, audio files, GIFs, videos, or any other content that cannot be displayed simply with alphanumeric text. 

Twilio bulk SMS capabilities allow organizations to send high volumes of messages in mere moments. Additionally, Twilio SMS best practices involve understanding which senders will work best for your purposes, determining your messaging throughput needs, and utilizing a shortcode or toll-free number to enable higher throughput. As far as SMS marketing platforms are considered, Twilio marketing offers some of the best services and products available on the market. And Twilio SMS pricing follows a pay-as-you-go model to ensure your business only pays for the messages being sent and received. 

Twilio Engage

Twilio marketing automation is what helps marketing teams make the most of the resources available to them while enhancing customer engagement strategies. Twilio Engage is what happens when Segment’s robust customer data platform fuses with Twilio’s unrivaled customer engagement platform, and together they provide native CDP and native omnichannel communications in a single platform. 

Twilio acquired Segment in November 2020 to help inundate the platform with greater customer data aggregation capabilities. Marketing teams can have access to all the data in the world, but it won’t make much of a difference if the data is inaccurate, irrelevant, or otherwise compromised. To help develop winning strategies and successful marketing campaigns, teams need access to accurate, high-quality data. Because of this, entities like Twilio Engage are striving to provide companies with more data and better data in order to optimize marketing and engagement strategies. 

One of the greatest features of Twilio Engage is that it utilizes Segment’s unmatched customer data platform to power personalized journeys for your customers throughout their journey by implementing Twilio’s email and SMS capabilities. Additionally, Twilio Engage can capture, in real time, first-party customer data that your marketing teams can analyze and implement into highly personalized campaign initiatives across any channel – especially the channels your customers prefer. Once everything is set up and ready to go, Twilio Engage empowers businesses to manage and measure everything to help grow customer lifetime value and boost revenue streams. 

Customer engagement is one of the most important aspects of marketing techniques in the contemporary era of digital information. Increasingly, organizations are realizing the power and value of customer data and are implementing solutions and platforms to help their organizations aggregate healthy, accurate customer data while analyzing that information to improve future marketing strategies. 

Twilio Engage can provide data-driven communications throughout practically every channel, but it can also allow businesses to send personalized messages via SMS or email, or even through custom channels and with more than 400 integration possibilities. Marketing teams can customize and personalize marketing campaigns like never before and orchestrate multichannel experiences with multiple steps based on real-time customer behavior data. Not only that but Twilio Engage also allows businesses to quickly and efficiently add brand-new channels without having to reallocate engineering or development resources. 

For many marketing teams, Twilio Engage is both a time-saver and a powerful tool that helps combine the best data with the best communication capabilities to allow marketers to activate more personalized customer experiences. This can help businesses get to know customers more fully and understand more about customer preferences, purchasing habits, and much more. Twilio Engage also allows marketing teams to deliver their customized engagement strategies using direct channels built on APIs that regularly send billions of messages on a daily basis. 

If your organization would like to build tailored campaigns utilizing more than 400 ready-to-use integrations with dozens of helpful tools, Twilio Engage can help businesses discover their hidden potential and provide more personalization opportunities. And once your campaigns are in full effect, your organization’s marketing teams can analyze the data to better understand the ROI and reallocate budget resources more efficiently.

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